Mypods and Boomsticks
The Burns and the Bees
Lisa the Drama Queen
Homer: Marge, remember when we were talking about our worst fears?
Marge: Uh-huh.
Homer: And mine was snakes, and yours was...?
Marge: Never being a grandmother.
Homer: Really? I thought it was Lisa with a beard of bees. Well, whatever, brace yourself.

Lisa: Willie, I didn't know you were an apiarist.
Groundskeeper Willie: From context, I can tell that means beekeeper.

Mayor Quimby: First, one announcement: I regret to inform you we are not offering childcare tonight. I don't know who that guy was you were leaving your kids with.

Lisa: Dad, we have to do something all the bees are dying!
Homer: (sarcastically) Oh, no! No bees! Ooh, now who will sting me and walk all over my sandwiches?
Lisa: But, Dad! Bees pollinate flowers.
Homer: Pfft. Flowers, the painted whores of the plant world.

Moe: Listen, Homer: in the back room, I got these super-tough Africanized bees. I saw this ad in a gentleman's magazine for excited African honeys and that's what they sent me. If we could combine them with Lisa's bees, it would make them strong enough to survive any environment.
Homer: But how are we supposed to combine the DNA of two strains of the same species?
Moe: Actually, Homer... (whispers)
Homer: (gasps) You and me?
Moe: No, the bees!
Homer: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's what I meant, too. I... have no... inclination.

(When Lisa releases the bees into their sanctuary)
Lisa: Oh, I miss them.
Marge: Now you know how I'll feel when you go to college.
Lisa: You'll always have Bart! Always.
Marge: But he'll be gone a lot repairing refrigerators.
Lisa: Always.

(As Lisa's bees are swarming around the breakfast table)
Bart: Mom, maybe you shouldn't have put so much syrup on the pancakes.
Homer: The secret is not to swallow the stingers. (takes big bite of pancakes with bees on them, and spits stingers out into a glass)
Lisa: Dad, don't eat the bees!
Homer: They're just drones, Lisa, they only live for, like, 5 minutes anyway! And they only have haploid cells, not diploid like me and Bart!
Bart: Yeah! (high-fives Homer)

Jimbo: Nice prank, Simpson. I dare you to dump that bees' nest on those second grade babies.
Bart: Why would I want to?
Jimbo: Because I said "I dare you." Kearney, can you read it back?
Kearney: (reading) "Nice prank, Simpson. I dare you to dump that bees' nest on those second grade babies. Bart: Why would I want to?
Jimbo: Because I said "I dare you." Kearney, can you read it back?
Kearney: (reading) "Nice prank, Simpson. I dare you to..."
Jimbo: The point is, Simpson, a dare has been placed on your nards.
Bart: My nards accept.

Mr. Burns: Smithers, who is that man, and why is his enthusiasm not being punished?
Smithers: That's Mark Cuban, the most flamboyant owner in the league.
Mark Cuban: (sliding down a cable while holding sparklers) I'm out of my mind!

Mark Cuban: What's the use of owning a basketball team if you don't have fun?
Mr. Burns: Fun? Is that how it's pronounced? I've only seen it written.

Lisa: Mr. Burns, you can't do that.
Mr. Burns: I can, I am, and soon I shall have been. I'm unstoppable! (turns around and walks into a tree) Kill his acorns and make him watch.

Professor Frink: See those red spots? This bee is suffering from bee measles. Or as I call it, beesles.
Homer: Animals get sick?
Professor Frink: I'm going to talk to the girl now.
Homer: You're the nerd.

Lisa: Listen, people. You didn't listen to me about the darter snail, you didn't listen to me about the osprey, and you didn't listen to me about the jabalina.
Lenny: The feisty pig of the desert?
Lisa: Apparently, not feisty enough.

Homer: Flowers: the painted whores of the plant world.

(Lisa walks in with a beard of bees)
Grampa: President Lincoln! You've come back, and you got rid of that hat. You've got my vote.

Bumblebee Man: Stop, I'm one of you!
Bee: (buzzing) We hate you the most, uncle Tom!

(Mr. Burns shots a gorilla mascot with a sniper)
Smithers: Sir, Were those real bullets?
Mr. Burns: Yes. Was that a real gorilla?
Smithers: No.
Mr. Burns: (Looking at the mascot's body) I see...

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