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$1200? I better just get one.
―Bart, before purchasing a purebred dog

"The Canine Mutiny" is the twentieth episode of Season 8. Frank Welker guest stars in this episode as Laddie and Santa's Little Helper.


Purchasing an expensive purebred dog on a fraudulent credit card lands Bart in the doghouse when creditors want the pooch back, but Santa's Little Helper becomes the real loser.

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Bart complains that he doesn't get any mail. Then Marge plans to give him the family's junk mail. One of them is a credit card application and Bart fills it under the name of his dog, Santa's Little Helper and claims the occupation to be "butt doctor". The company misreads the name as "Santos L. Halper", and the credit card application is approved. Before long, Bart receives a credit card.


Bart goes to The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, and attempts to buy some expensive comic books using the credit card. However, Comic Book Guy realizes what Bart is trying to do and refuses to sell him the comic books. Bart realizes that he can buy items via catalog, and he then goes on a shopping spree. He buys the family some very expensive gifts from a mail order catalog; to Marge he buys Vancouver smoked salmon and a radio-frying pan, to Homer a golf shirt with corporate logo, to Lisa "Trucker's Choice Stay-Alert Capsules" and many things for himself. The item that Bart anticipates the most is a finely-bred, pre-trained collie. Not letting its US$1,200 purchase price stand in the way, Bart promptly orders one. Upon its arrival, Bart learns that the dog's name is Laddie, and the rest of the family fall in love with the new dog, while Santa's Little Helper goes turned down.


Bart fails to pay off "Santos L. Halper's" credit card bill, and it is not long before he gets a call from a debt collection agency demanding payment. When the calls and collection letters persist, Bart enlists Laddie to help bury his ill-gotten credit card. Later, repo men arrive to take back all of the objects Bart has purchased. Lisa demands an explanation, and Bart is forced to tell the truth. When a re-possessor demands the $1,200 collie be returned, Bart identifies Santa's Little Helper as the dog that he purchased. The greyhound is herded into the truck and Bart sadly watches as it drives off. Realizing that Santa's Little Helper is gone, the family begins to bond with Laddie, except for Bart, who fears for Santa's Little Helper's fate. When an exhausted Bart gives Laddie yet another walk, the collie saves the life of Baby Gerald. At the ceremony honoring Laddie's heroism, Chief Wiggum chooses that Laddie would make the perfect police dog. Bart gives Wiggum to the Springfield police force and is forced to explain why the family does not have a dog at all.

Homer instructs Bart to do whatever it takes to get Santa's Little Helper back and he goes hunting around the town, trying to find his old pal. Bart eventually learns from Reverend Lovejoy that the dog was given to a parishioner named Mr. Mitchell.


Bart visits Mr. Mitchell, who is blind and lonesome, and asks for his dog back, but when he sees how the man and Santa's Little Helper have bonded, he grows heartsick and leaves. Still determined to get his dog back, Bart makes a late-night visit to Mr. Mitchell's home in hopes of retrieving Santa's Little Helper. The pair are reunited, but Bart traps himself in a closet. Mr. Mitchell calls the police and demands that Bart be charged with burglary, but Bart explains that Santa's Little Helper was his dog and that he wants him back.

To solve the problem, Bart and Mitchell let Santa's Little Helper decide where he wants to go, with him choosing Bart. Chief Wiggum arrives with Laddie, who immediately sniffs out a bag of marijuana in Mr. Mitchell's pocket. Bart and Santa's Little Helper head home, leaving the police to "finish up" with Mitchell.


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