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|episode=The Canine Mutiny
|episode=The Canine Mutiny
}}{{PrevNext|App|Grade School Confidential|The Old Man and the Lisa}}{{Incomplete}}
Homer Simpson.png|[[Homer Simpson]]
Marge Simpson.png|[[Marge Simpson]]
Bart Simpson.png|[[Bart Simpson]]
Lisa Simpson.png|[[Lisa Simpson]]
Maggie Simpson.png|[[Maggie Simpson]]
Santa's Little Helper.png|[[Santa's Little Helper]]
Moe Szyslak.png|[[Moe Szyslak]]
Agnes Skinner.png|[[Agnes Skinner]]
Groundskeeper Willie.png|[[Groundskeeper Willie]]
222px-Reverend_Lovejoy.png|[[Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.|Timothy Lovejoy]]
Fat_Tony.png|[[Fat Tony]]
Milhouse_Van_Houten.png|[[Milhouse Van Houten]]
Comic_Book_Guy.png|[[Comic Book Guy]]
Clancy_Wiggum.png|[[Clancy Wiggum]]
Kent_Brockman.png|[[Kent Brockman]]
12fae8d5b3b2ac9c0c4afd68c9305789.png|[[Joe Quimby]]
Baby Gerald Tapped Out.png|[[Gerald Samson]]
Ms. Samson.png|[[Mrs. Samson]]
Patty Bouvier.png|[[Patty Bouvier]]
Shopman.jpg|[[Repo Depot clerk]]
Repoman.jpg|[[Repo Man 1 (The Canine Mutiny)]]
Otherman.jpg|[[Repo Man 2 (The Canine Mutiny)]]
Mr. mitchell.png|[[Mr. Mitchell]]
== Characters ==
*[[Homer Simpson]]
*[[Marge Simpson]]
*[[Bart Simpson]]
*[[Lisa Simpson]]
*[[Maggie Simpson]]
*[[Santa's Little Helper]]
*[[Moe Szyslak]]
*[[Mr. Mitchell]]
*[[Agnes Skinner]]
*[[Groundskeeper Willie]]
*[[Reverend Lovejoy]]
*[[Fat Tony]]
*[[Milhouse Van Houten]]
*[[Comic Book Guy]]
*[[Chief Wiggum]]
*[[Kent Brockman]]
{{Season 8 A}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Canine Mutiny}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Canine Mutiny}}
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