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The Case of The Hanging Shoes From the Secret Files of Lisa Simpson is the second story arc in Bart Simpson Comics 5: Menace to Society, which was published in August 2001.


Martin's shoes end up on an overhead powerline and Principal Skinner drags Nelson into detention. Nelson than states to Lisa that he didn't do it and Lisa then starts to find out who it really is.


Martin's shoes end up on the overhead powerlines near the school. While Wille gets them down from there, Skinner immediately suspects that Nelson's behind this and drags him of to detention. Nelson then tells Lisa that he didn't throw the shoes onto the powerlines. Wille states that he's having problems getting the shoes down due to them being tied on there with a 'Dutch Cringle' knot. Lisa hears the conversation between Wille and Skinner and uses the info said between them to try and figure out who's behind this. Lisa tells Skinner to let Nelson go. Lisa states that only one person in Springfield knows how to make this sort of knot, and it's Martin himself! Despite Skinner rejecting Lisa's statement, Martin confesses to doing so and states he did it because he was trying to avoid getting bullied by Nelson (who threatened him earlier) and the other school bullies. Skinner then drags Nelson, Martin, and Bart off to detention, despite Nelson only threatening Martin and Bart doing nothing wrong at all, stating that "it's only a matter of time before he does something wrong."

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