Boy Meets Curl
The Color Yellow
Postcards From the Wedge
Skinner: (after tree stump lands on his Kia) My Kia!

(Marge and Lisa plan to seek for information in the library)
Lisa: To the reference desk!
(They leave)
Homer: [to Bart] The library! Can you believe we´re married to those nerds?

Krusty ol' Clown: Why do I always ask for a nickel? That´s like twenty bucks in 2010 money!

Ralph: Martin Luther King had a dream. Dreams are where Elmo and Toy Story had a party, and I went there. Yay! My turn is over.
Skinner: One of your best, Ralph.

Lisa: Grampa! Why did you try to keep us from finding this out?
Abe: Well, it´s hard to explain this to a young person... The people of my generation are... you know...
Lisa: Racist?
Abe: That´s it!

Marge: Bart, what are you doing for Black History Month?
Homer: I got an idea: You can march to Selma, and tell her she's ugly!
(Selma flicks a playing card into Homer's mouth)

Marge: I don´t know what the big deal is. I mean it didn't bother any of you that my father's French. You know, Bouvier.
Homer: So that´s why I love drinking so much!
Marge: I'm French, not you!
Homer: C´est la vie, baby!

(Eliza enters the stables, but gets scared by an owl and falls. Virgil appears)
Virgil: You look like you could use a little help.
Eliza: Actually, I'm here to help you! (points to the door) Follow me north to freedom!
Virgil: I don't think so.
Eliza: Why? Because I'm young and I'm a woman?
Virgil: No, because you're pointing south.
Eliza: (Embarrassed) He hehe Alright, right. Sorry, It's my first time.
Virgil: That's alright. It's my fourteenth

Lisa: (Sad after finding out there's no noble Simpson) Oh, You were right, dad. I should have quit while I was ahead instead of learning the horrible truth about our family and Virgil. (Abe looks at her sadness and decides to cheer her up)
Abe: Aw, don't cry, meat pie! Things worked out pretty well for Virgil in the end.
Lisa: What are you talking about? Is there something you know about Virgil that you haven't told us?
Abe: I'll take that secret to my grave or urn, or medical school dissecting table, or wherever you're dumping me!
Homer: Listen, Wrinkles, if you know something that'll cheer up my little girl, you'd better spill it, or I can make things very uncomfortable for you! (takes the heater temperature down three degrees) That enough?
Abe: Ah!! Okay, I'll talk! D-Day is June 6th! Repeat June 6th! Allied forces will land on the beaches of Normandy in the following order: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno! Are you writing this down, Fritz?
Homer: About Virgil!

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