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The Complete Eighth Season was released in the U.S. on August 15, 2006, and on October 2, 2006 in the UK. The release date in Australia was September 27, 2006. It contains all 25 episodes from season eight. The set was released in two different forms: a Maggie-shaped head to match the Homer and Marge shaped heads of the previous two sets and also a standard rectangular shaped box. Like The Complete Seventh Season, both box set versions are available for sale separately. Both editions share the same theme of a Simpsons' family picture album. The back has a film reel with pictures of Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II. The menus again continue the format first used in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Season DVDs. The window on the package front is inside the top picture of the photo book Maggie is holding, showing her first tooth as well as her mouth that is on the packaging inside. The spine features Mr. Sparkle from "In Marge We Trust" and Frank Grimes from "Homer's Enemy". This is the first spine to feature one-time characters rather than regulars.

There are two known versions of disc art for this box set being found in seemingly random products. One version has the Simpsons family members holding up the number of fingers pertaining to each disc. The other version simply has the family members posing with a number in the form of a camera lens reflection signifying the disc number.


Bonus features

  • The Simpsons House featurette with James L. Brooks about The Simpson House built in Las Vegas.
  • Animation Showcase: "In Marge We Trust" - Act III, "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson" - Act I, and "Treehouse of Horror VII" - Act III
  • Illustrated Commentary: "Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment", "Lisa's Date With Density", "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson", and "Treehouse of Horror VII" - Act III.
  • Deleted Scenes gallery with optional commentary by Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Josh Weinstein, and Steven Dean Moore.
  • Promotional spots featuring Matt Groening.
  • Sketch gallery.
  • A special language feature of "Homer's Enemy" in four different languages: Czech, German, French and Japanese.

Easter eggs

On the episode menus for one or two episodes on each disc, if a red button is seen on the video projector, select it and you will get a secret deleted scene from that episode. These episodes are:


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