The Complete Third Season is the home video release of Season 3 of The Simpsons. It was released on DVD on August 26, 2003 in Region 1, on October 6, 2003 in Region 2, and on October 22, 2003 in Region 3. This was the first box set to have a "Play All" feature, which allows the viewer to watch all episodes on one disc sequentially without having to browse through menus to play one episode at a time.


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Special Features

Easter Eggs

  • The following episodes contain a fifth audio track with an alternate single person commentary. It can be accessed by either entering "10" on the remote on the "Special Features" menu of each episode or by switching to audio track five with the DVD player's remote while playing the episode:
  • Audio outtakes that can be accessed from the main menu of disc three by entering "84763" (the price that appears on the cash register during the Season 2-mid Season 20 opening sequence of The Simpsons) and waiting for the menu to reload after each number. If that doesn't work, try hitting the "enter" button after each number (i.e. 8 "enter" 4 "enter" 7 "enter" 6 "enter" 3 "enter"):
  • Thirteen random drawings by the animators can be seen by entering 7, 4, 2 and pressing enter after each number on the remote in the "Special Features" menu of disc four.

Episode Cuts

  • "Homer Defined": In the original airing of this episode, Mr. Burns has a line in which he uses the word "butt", and Bart has a line using the word "ass". For later airings, these lines were re-recorded, so that Burns uses "ass" and Bart uses "butt". This DVD uses the altered version.


Removal from Amazon

Due to an ongoing effort to remove the episode "Stark Raving Dad" amid renewed child sex abuse allegations against the late Michael Jackson, the Complete Third Season box set is being systematically removed from availability on Amazon. The episode has already been removed from availability on Amazon Video.

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