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The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
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"I did it! I've changed the world! Now I know exactly how God feels."

"The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" is the sixth episode of Season 12.


Homer gets into the Internet by becoming an online gossip columnist/conspiracy theorist, whose stories land him on a bizarre island for people who know too much (and is modeled after the one from the TV show The Prisoner).

Full Story[]

Homer is the only one to show up to work. Everybody else received an e-mail letting them know the nuclear plant was closed for the day due to fumigation, which was actually triggered accidentally by Mr. Burns. As Homer tells Lenny and Carl, he has never owned a computer. Feeling left behind in the technological dust, Homer decides to purchase a computer, and ends up buying the most expensive one in the store thanks to a slick salesman. He brings it home, but quickly throws it in the trash when it is unable to assassinate Ned Flanders. Eventually Lisa helps Homer become computer-literate, and in the following days Homer creates a website... filled only with spam and memes borrowed from other sites (such as the dancing Jesus), which Lisa tells him is copyright infringement (all the while ignoring Bart going into a rather dark story about how he was found with a switchblade in his locker, took a swing at a cop, and has been feeling mad all the time).


Homer's first web page

Lisa suggests that Homer should offer something society needs or wants. After Bart dishes some gossip he heard about the pothole repair money being used for Quimby's swimming pool, Homer decides to create a "news" website, calling himself "Mr. X" so that anonymity could protect him from any angry citizens he may write about. Subsequently, Mayor Quimby is exposed for using funds to fill a pothole as means to pay for his intern pool and the pothole repair funds are returned. Homer goes around town catching lots of secrets and exposes them on his sight. "Mr. X" (Homer) is heralded as a hero much to everyone's concern and delight. The townspeople want to reward him, but since they don't know who he is, they say they'll give their money to the needy. Not being a charitable person, Homer quickly unveils his identity, winning the Pulitzer Prize ("Finally", he groans). Soon enough, people become more tight-lipped around Homer; once he runs out of real news, he begins making up wild stories and accusations. One of his wild stories states that flu-shots are given only as a form of mind control (it's why there's a big shopping rush just before Christmas), Unbeknownst to Homer, this turns out to be true. Homer is captured after he goes in a fake Kwik-E-Mart in front of a real one. After the fake Kwik-E-Mart drives off with Homer, Bart enters the real Kwik-E-Mart and finds Apu tied to a chair and gagged with duct tape. Bart does not untie him and he starts reading a magazine. Apu mumbles into his tape gag so Bart peels the tape from his lips and Apu moans at Bart. Bart is not shown to untie him so it is likely he put the duct tape back over his mouth and continued to read the magazine.

Homer is kept on an island as part of a massive cover-up, so nobody finds out about the flu-shots. Other people on the island are being held for other strange secrets or inventions they have discovered, such as turning water into gas or a peanut bag with no bottom. Meanwhile, Homer is replaced with a man who looks identical to him, except he needs to shave his head and speaks in a German accent. Homer escapes the island on a crudely made boat he stole from one of the island captives, in the process getting past an anti-escape orb by popping it. Once home, Homer defeats his clone and reunites with his family. However, they are then drugged, this time by a fake Santa's Little Helper, and are all taken back to the island. Homer soon makes his way home where he tries to expose the organization his website but it crashes thanks to the organization who are determined to keep this a secret.

Behind the Laughter[]


"The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" received positive reviews from critics who praised The Prisoner references. Den of Geek said the episode is a fan favorite. The episode got a 3.72 out of 5 ranking 227 out of 373 episodes on The Simpson Crazy Site. DVD Movie Guide gave the episode a positive review saying "With its spoof of Internet idiocy, “Shoes” scores points. DVD Verdict said the greatest moments of the episode are The Prisoner spoofs. The episode received two reviews from, giving it a 3/5 and a 4/5.

While this episode has positive to average reviews, some viewers didn't like it because of the tasteless jokes involving Bart trying to tell Homer and Lisa that he has anger problems and got in trouble for bringing a switchblade to school and trying to punch a cop (which goes ignored when Lisa tells Homer that he can't take other people's content and use it on his website) and Ned Flanders telling his flu-stricken kids that he was right not to get them vaccinated (with Todd calling out for his dead mom, Maude) and felt that the entire "Homer trapped on The Island" plot was yet another sign The Simpsons' writers were doing over-the-top stories rather than the more down-to-earth episodes of the past.


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