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The Cool Moms was a club that Marge was once a member of in "Moms I'd Like to Forget".


Marge once took Bart to Toddlin' Town when he was in preschool. There she met three other mothers and befriended them.

The four of them eventually established a club called The Cool Moms, and they did everything together. However, during a Fourth of July fireworks celebration, Bart and the three other mothers' sons wandered off. They pressed all of the buttons that fired the fireworks as Comic Book Guy, who was in charge of doing so, wasn't looking. This did everything from burning Flanders's mustache into the way it looks today to destroying a sandwich Comic Book Guy brought along. The sandwich, which held four skewers, burst upon impact, sending the now-burning skewers onto the boys' fists, branding them with sword-shaped marks. Marge blamed the occurrence on the three other boys and The Cool Moms was subsequently disbanded.

In the present day, after the fourth-grade boys lose a game of dodge ball to the fifth-grade boys, the two grades decide to have a "rumble". However, when they do so, Bart discovers that his fifth-grade counterpart has the same sword-shaped scar as he does. When Bart confronts Marge about this, she tells them about The Cool Moms, and Bart persuades her to get back in touch with the three other mothers. She does this, and the club is restarted. However, Bart, who has befriended Erik and the two other boys, becomes tired of his new friends' daring antics and decides to disband the club again. After gaining some insight of The Cool Moms's past with the help of Comic Book Guy, Bart attempted to create an explosion that would get Marge to abandon The Cool Moms again. However, Marge catches him and Milhouse in the act, and tells Bart that she deserved to have friends, and Bart abandons his motive. But when the other three mothers insult Bart during a meeting, Marge abandons them.


Their husbands

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  • All the names of the three cool moms and their family was revealed in a script for "Moms I'd Like to Forget at Simpsons World. Their names were never revealed in the episode, except Anita (and Erik in the Closed Captions).