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Our school participates in a foreign exchange program.
Seymour Skinner

"The Crepes of Wrath" is the eleventh episode of Season 1. Agnes Skinner made her first appearance on the show in this episode, although her voice is different to that of later episodes. This episode was meant to be the finale of Season 1, but after production, that title was given to "Some Enchanted Evening."


When Bart flushes a cherry bomb down the toilet, Principal Skinner suggests he should partake in a foreign exchange scheme. Bart is transferred to France, where he's treated like a slave by two criminals that spike wine with anti-freeze. Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Adil Hoxha, an Albanian boy, is exchanged to the Simpsons to take Bart's place. To receive in the scheme, Adil shows an interest in the power plant, and sends information back to the Albanian government.

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Having being forced to clean his room (after accidentally causing Homer to trip and fall down the stairs, tearing a ligament in his back), Marge and Lisa arrive home to find Homer hurt. Marge tells Bart to clean his room. While doing so, he discovers an old cherry bomb, and chooses to flush it down the boys' toilets at school in an attempt to pull a prank. This solution is unknowingly made at the same time as Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes Skinner, visits the school. Bart shows Milhouse, Lewis, and Richard the cherry bomb, and plans to flush it. When Agnes goes into the girl's restroom, Bart detonates the Cherry Bomb in the boys' restroom, not understanding that Agnes is in the other stall, and gets thrown off her seat caused by the toilets' gushing.

Shortly afterwards, Principal Skinner arrives at the Simpsons' house with Bart in tow. Skinner explains that the incident has "transcended incorrigible". Feeling that detention, suspension or expulsion won't do, he suggests deportation. The idea shocks Marge, but Skinner explains his plan: In order to get rid of him, Skinner proposes to the Simpsons that Bart should participate in a foreign exchange program. Bart is sent to France, whereas the Simpsons host a student from Albania named Adil Hoxha.

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In France, Bart is greeted by two winemakers named Cesar and Ugolin, who work him harder than their donkey, Maurice. After going through Bart's possessions, Bart is made to collect and crush grapes, sleep on the floor, and sample wine adulterated with anti-freeze.

Back in Springfield, Adil is enjoying the comfortable residence of the Simpsons which is in stark contrast to the sub-human conditions Bart is living in. Adil is very appreciative and helps out the Simpsons with their chores, pleasing Homer, who is relieved to be rid of Bart and his lousy attitude. However, it is revealed Adil is actually a spy who is after nuclear secrets, which he intends to obtain from Homer. Homer is happy that Adil is taking an interest in his work, and promptly shows him around the plant.

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Back in France, Bart is sent out for a case of anti-freeze. As he wanders the streets, he finds a police officer, who doesn't speak English and only gives Bart a piece of candy. Bart leaves, feeling that he will never learn French, even though he has been there for two months. He then suddenly starts speaking French, and tells the officer about the child abuse and the plot to put anti-freeze in the wine. Cesar and Ugolin are swiftly arrested for spiking the wine with anti-freeze and treating Bart like a slave, and Bart becomes a national hero in France.

Back in the United States, Adil is caught by the FBI and is exchanged for a boy who is an American spy caught in Albania. As Adil leaves, Bart returns, and his family is grateful to see him again. Bart has purchased gifts for the family, which Lisa dubs "his first unselfish act".

Behind the Scenes

  • James L. Brooks has stated that this is his favorite episode.

Deleted Scene

There’s a deleted scene in this episode where Bart says “Wooo” to


some dancers.



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