Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson
The D'oh-cial Network
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches

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  • The episode was too short so "A Simpsons 'Show's Too Short' Story" was placed at the end. This was animated in a similar way to the Dark Stanley story from "Yokel Chords," with similar music playing.
    • The story pays homage to Tim Burton's 1982 stop-motion short film "Vincent", which was about a young boy who imagined he was horror movie icon Vincent Price. The poetic narration of the short was modeled on the same style employed by Tim Burton.
    • The appearance of a stand-alone short at the end of an episode designed solely to fill up time was previously employed in "The Front" with The Adventures of Ned Flanders.
    • The artwork of the "Show's Too Short" story pays homage to Edward Gorey, an author and illustrator known for his dark humor and also for his animated opening to the PBS series Mystery!
  • Lisa somehow knows what her family did when they went to the mall, even though she was not with them. She even says that she has left certain parts out. They could have talked about what they did in the shopping later that day, as that was a flashback.
  • The title of the episode is the second Season 23 title with D'oh in it, first was "The Falcon and the D'ohman."
  • When Nelson torments Lisa's group in the school, he does not insult or harass her in anyway, only going after the others probably because she is a girl.
  • Lisa is asked to be played with by some girls from school, indicating that she has grown in popularity for making her social network.
  • At the end of the episode, when the following information is displayed, it is a reference to CBS's long time crime show 48 Hours :
    • Principal Skinner was convicted of selling hornet honey as bee honey.
    • Mr. Burns received a payment of $35 million even though he didn't do anything.
    • Groundskeeper Willie was not in this episode.
    • Lisa learned that it's not how many SpringFace friends you have, what matters is how many followers you have on SpringTwit.
    • Kearney's avatar died in Vietnam.
  • The last time a bully phoned Bart for something inexplicably heard about at his house was in Homer the Vigilante.
  • The last episode with a trial as a framing device was The Way We Weren't.
  • This is the second episode where a character tricks another into thinking they are driving out of a parking space for their entertainment. The first was Mona Leaves-a.
  • This is the second episode where Homer buys a computer. The first was The Computer Wore Menace Shoes.
  • The story of a Simpson child explaining what led up to the first scene was last used in The Telltale Head.
  • This episode reveals that Janey does not like ice cream.


  • During the scene at the First Church of Springfield:
  • The text towards the end of the episode states "Groundskeeper Willie was not in this episode." However, Willie did make an appearance in the episode, albeit a minor cameo.
  • Most of the gift cards Marge throws away are parodies of real stores that have closed down. However, she throws away a "Burns and Noble" card, which is a parody of Barns and Noble, which is still in business. A similar book store, Borders, is completely out of business though.
  • When Bart is next to the fountain, his neck is inside of his collar part of his shirt, then seconds later, it is not.
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