Special Edna
The Dad Who Knew Too Little
The Strong Arms of the Ma
(Lisa asks Homer for the diary she just saw on TV on her birthday)
Homer: Lisa, nobody likes a shill.
Lisa: Just give me the friggin' toy.

Dexter Colt: You know, Homer. Ever since I first met you, I always knew I would kill you in a hall of mirrors.

Homer: How ironic. Now he's blind after a life of enjoying being able to see.

Groundskeeper Willie: (notices Dexter Colt looking in Lisa's Locker) Hey! That's not yer locker!
Dexter Colt: You know, you're the spitting image of the Aberdeen strangler.
Groundskeeper Willie: Movin' on. (leaves, whistling innocently)

Elliott Gould: Krustofski!
Krusty: Why, look, it's my celebrity neighbor, Elliott Gould!
Elliott Gould: Your monkey bit my kid again!
Krusty : Well, if he would stop wearing the banana suntan lotion...
[Mr. Teeny looks on, grinning sheepishly]
Elliott Gould: Say hello to Bob. And Carol. And Ted. And Alice. [punctuates each name with a punch or kick to Krusty as Mr. Teeny continues grinning]

Homer: Lisa's pet peeve is...PHONIES? I thought she loved them!

Brandine: Cletus, if I find pig lipstick on your collar again I'm not gonna let you sleep in the sty no more.
Cletus: Duly noted.

Marge: Okay Lisa, now open the present from your father and I. (Poles Homer with her arm and Homer gives the present to her).
Lisa: I wonder what this could be!
Homer: I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Lisa: Could it be some kind of book?
Homer: Well, Yes and no. (Lisa opens the present revealing to be a cassette tape) Mostly no!

(The family watches the video Homer bought for Lisa)
Narrator: Howdy, partners. My name is Sheriff...
Homer's voice: Lisa Simpson!
Narrator: I sure am hungry for my favorite food:
Homer's voice: McNuggets
Lisa: I don't like McNuggets, I'm a vegetarian!
Homer: Still? Then you're not gonna like your other present. (The camera turns and reveals her other present to be a roast chicken)
(A man in a horse approaches "Lisa" on the video)
Narrator: Why, it's my best friend:
Homer's voice: Maggie!
Lisa: Huh?
(Another guy approaches "Lisa" on the video)
Guy: Bad news sheriff:
Homer's voice: Lisa Simpson.
Guy: Some Indians took all the
Homer's voice: McNuggets! hmm McNuggets aagh...
Narrator: I'll get this no good Indians as sure as my favorite book is
Homer's voice: Magazine! (Falls asleep)
Bart's voice: Wake up dad!
Homer's voice: Wai..Wha...? (Lisa takes the video off)
Lisa: Dad, the information is all wrong! Maggie is a baby, not my best friend! (sighs) You don't know anything about me! (Runs off crying)
Homer: Maggie, you're her best friend, go talk to her! (she stomps and walks away) Oh, what have I done! Children don't remember bad birthdays, do they? (Marge groans)

Kent Brockman: (on the radio) Police are looking for a bald man in blue pants and a fair-headed girl in a red lampshade.

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