A Tree Grows in Springfield
The Day the Earth Stood Cool
To Cur, with Love
Homer: Beat it, ducks! I'm not old enough to have food for you! I'm sexy, young and sexy!

Marge: Are you wearing a wallet chain? You look like... a barista!
Homer: Well, you won't be laughing when you see how many pickpockets this thing catches.
Marge: And what's with the scarf? It's soaked in neck sweat!
Homer: Wearing scarves in non-scarf weather is the essence of cool!

Homer: Why does my hair only grow in twos? I hope T-Rex likes the present I made him.
Marge: Made? Why didn't you just buy him a toy?
Homer: Ugh, homemade presents are how cool families demonstrate how awesome they are. If I show up with a toy from the store, like we would give our kids, then I failed, and these skinny jeans will have flattened my junk for nothing!

Homer: O-o-oh boy, oh boy, o-o-o-oh boy, o-o-o-o-oh boy, oh boy.
Bart: Have you been oh boy-ing all night?
Homer: O-o-o-o-o-oh boy. We had the family version of a bromance going with our awesome neighbors, and you had to screw it up!

A Brief Message About Artisanal Nuclear Power

Mr. Burns: Nuclear energy was a craft before it was a science.
Mr. Burns: I mean, what's wrong with the old ways? When uranium came from a stream, and atoms were split by hand, then transformed into the kind of electricity that illuminated not just our homes... but our souls as well.
Mr. Burns: Who decided that the electrons we produce can't stand for something greater? Sure, handmade electricity costs more and powers less, but maybe that's the point.

Mr. Burns: The adventure begins.

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