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He didn't create Itchy, I did.
Chester Lampwick

"The Day the Violence Died" is the eighteenth episode of Season 7.


With the help of Lionel Hutz, Bart unwittingly bankrupts the studio that produces Itchy & Scratchy when he and Hutz successfully prove the idea for Itchy was stolen some 70–80 years earlier.

Full Story

It's the 75th Anniversary of Itchy and Scratchy and Bart and Lisa are watching the show’s diamond jubilee marathon on TV. While stretching Bart and Lisa find out about the parade on TV. They leave to claim spots but Marge, not wanting the kids out on the streets at 10PM, so she has Homer go with them to the Itchy and Scratchy Parade. Unfortunately when they wake up the parade has not only started but people are in front of them. To get a better view, Bart follows it to "Bum Town", where he meets a homeless man named Chester Lampwick, who claims that he created Itchy of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoons, and cartoon violence. As proof, Chester shows Bart and Milhouse an animated short that he made, in which Itchy is the star, and goes about his usual violent tendencies around New York. Bart now believes Chester, but the nitrate print of the film catches fire, eliminating their only proof.

Bart removing the frame

Even so, Bart chooses to help Chester, so he moves in but things turn bad when Chester and Grampa get into a fist-fight. When Bart and Chester try to prove that Chester created the cartoon to the C.E.O of Itchy and Scratchy, Roger Meyers, Jr., they are thrown out by security. They agree to take it to court, there they don't do so well as Meyers Jr has his own film reel of Steamboat Itchy, the first known Itchy and Scratchy cartoon. During the trial, Krusty and Chester get into a fist-fight. The Itchy and Scratchy company have much better lawyers (obviously) than the children and Chester. The case seems to be over, due to the fact that Chester has not presented any evidence. However, thanks to Homer lending him $750, Bart quickly runs to the local comic shop, and returns with a framed image of Itchy drawn in 1919, which he recognized from Lampwick's cartoon. While the Blue Haired Lawyer states that picture could have been drawn at anytime, Bart removes the image from the frame, an autograph is evident, in which Lampwick dedicated the image to Roger Meyers, Sr., encouraging him to keep drawing. The date on the signature also predates Itchy's first appearance in 'Steamboat Itchy'.

Chester refusing to help.

With the revelation this is proof that Meyers Sr. did steal Itchy and every cartoon the studio owned or made is not theirs. Even though Meyers Jr. tries to make a last ditch plea that all cartoons borrow from other sources, Chester wins the case, and the Itchy and Scratchy company pays him his requested sum of $800 billion. Bart is happy for Chester, but becomes saddened when he realizes that by helping Chester, he has bankrupted and shut down the production company for Itchy & Scratchy. With Itchy and Scratchy gone Krusty the Clown tries to show another cartoon (which is very similar to School House Rock). He and Lisa try to solve the problem, but are surprised when they find out the problem has already been solved, along with other problems, by two other (similar-looking) kids; Lester and Eliza. They were able to find evidence of one cartoon character that was Meyers Sr's original creation.

As Marge tries to console her kids, Bart looks outside the window and takes notice of Lester skateboarding by his house with rage in his eyes. It is then revealed that Lester obviously blames Bart for his involvement in helping Lampwick that led to Itchy and Scratchy's cancellation.



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