It's the 75th Aniversary of Itchy and Scratchy and Bart, Lisa and Homer go to the Itchy and Scratchy Parade. Bart follows it to "Bum Town", where he meets a hobo named Chester, who claims that he created Itchy and cartoon violence. When Bart and Chester try to prove it to the C.E.O of Itchy and Scratchy, their film get burned up. They take it to court, and Chester wins. Then, Itchy and Scratchy Studios loose all their money in court and Bart feels guilty that he just killed Itchy and Scratchy forever. He and Lisa try to solve the problem, but are shocked when they find out the problem was solved, along with other problems, by two kids Lester and Eliza.


  • Bart: {refering to the educational cartoon} "What the hell is this?"
  • Lisa: "It's one of those campy seventies through-backs that appeal to Generation X-ers."
  • Bart: "We need another Viet-Nam to thin out their ranks a little."

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