Love, Springfieldian Style
The Debarted
Dial "N" for Nerder
(A rat crawls out of a trash can, Ralph comes out shortly after)
Ralph Wiggum: The rat symbolizes obviousness!

Bart: Skinner's five steps ahead of me! I put a tack on his chair, he's corked his pants. I throw a tomato, he's making salad!

Ralph Wiggum: (about Donny) When he grows up, I want to be like me!

Homer: Unlike love, respect can't be bought.

Lisa: I never dreamed an American car designed in Germany, assembled in Mexico from parts made in Canada, could be so amazing.

(After the Diet Coke and Mentos explosion.)
Superintendent Chalmers: Skinnerrrr! (pause) Skinner?
Principal Skinner: I'm alright, sir.
Superintendent Chalmers: Don't ever scare me like that again.

Donny: Hey, Krabappel! Your name sounds like "Crabapple." Did you go sour waiting for someone to pick you?
Mrs. Krabappel: (sighs) Pretty much...

Superintendent Chalmers: We're gonna put Bart Simpson away for a long, long time.
Principal Skinner: By law, the most we can give him is a 10-day suspension.
Superintendent Chalmers: That's long to a kid!

Homer: (singing to the tune of Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart") Driver of a loaner car, much better than the driver of my normal car.

Principal Skinner: Sorry to plop, plop on your fizz, fizz.

Groundskeeper Willie: I have some information ye might be interested in, but it won't be easy to hear.
Bart: Because of your stupid accent?
Groundskeeper Willie: Nach-nae! Because of its upsetting nature! Skinner's gotten to someone close to ye. A rat!
Bart: Who is it!?
Groundskeeper Willie: I dunno! But Skinner's going to meet the rat right now. (They look at Skinner entering the school building)
Bart: Thanks Willie.

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