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The Devil Wears Nada
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Homer's Ice Cream Surprise This page may have mature content that may include language and sexual references which may be disturbing to some.

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"The Devil Wears Nada" is the fifth episode of Season 21. Originally produced as a Season 20 episode)


Marge poses as a calendar model for charity but becomes the talk of the town after she reveals a little too much during her photo shoot. Meanwhile, Carl receives a promotion at the plant. He then promotes Homer to be his executive assistant and drives him up the wall with requests, including going to Paris.

Full Story[]

After a retirement party for the outgoing Sector 7G supervisor, Ted, Homer, Lenny and Carl are celebrating their freedom from supervision. Mr. Burns then arrives and chooses Carl as the new supervisor after quickly deducing that he is the only semi-competent employee of the three. Meanwhile, in an effort to raise money, Marge and her “Charity Chicks” philanthropic group decide to follow the Police Department''s lead and pose for a history-themed sexy calendar. At the photo studio, however, Marge as Babe Diderick is a bit reluctant to reveal any skin. Julio, the photographer, (voiced by Hank Azaria) loosens her up on red wine, and Marge ends up revealing more than she planned to. Marge and her pin-up poses are soon the talks of the town.

At school, Bart is embarrassed by the comments that many students make about his mom, shooting Milhouse using his slingshot and then he attacks Nelson in anger. In Skinner's office, he and Superintendent Chalmers google Marge's calendar, much to Bart's chagrin.

Back at the plant, Carl makes Homer his new executive assistant. That evening, Marge's libido—pumped up by the town's positive feedback on her calendar—is running high, but Homer is too overworked and exhausted to satisfy her. This becomes an unhappy trend, and Marge feels ignored. Homer tries to make up for it by taking Marge out to a fancy hotel for a special night, but they are interrupted again by a phone call from Carl, informing Homer that the two of them will be attending the Annual Nuclear Power Expo in Paris. Homer leaves the next morning, and a frustrated Marge throws a croquet mallet after his retreating cab. She accidentally knocks out Ned Flanders instead, and invites the Flanders family over for a family dinner by way of apology.

In Paris, Carl is having a great time flirting with a beautiful Frenchwoman, and he reveals that he plans to extend their stay indefinitely. Homer is devastated and walks forlornly through Parisian streets where everything reminds him of Marge. Back in Springfield, Bart and Lisa bail on Marge's dinner and Ned also shows up alone, explaining that he has punished Rod and Todd (Rod for watching a Grey's Anatomy commercial and Todd for not telling him immediately). The innocent dinner soon turns romantic, and Marge and Ned nearly kiss—until Marge catches sight of her wedding photo in Ned's glasses and realizes that it would be wrong. Homer, meanwhile, has blackmailed Carl to give him his old job back by revealing that the woman Carl has been having sex with is actually Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and threatening to tell Sarkozy everything. Homer arrives home just as Marge is bidding Ned goodnight, and they "snuggle", undisturbed at last.


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