The District Attorney is the older, wrinkly attorney most famous for prosecuting Krusty the Clown when he was framed for robbery by Sideshow Bob.


His actual name is unknown but he is Springfield's district attorney. He is a gruff, no nonsense lawyer, unlike most other lawyer's in Springfield, yet not annoying like the Blue-haired Lawyer. He is most famous for prosecuting Krusty in his infamous trial for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. He was the man who forced Homer to pick Krusty out at the trial and he is also the one who inadvertently revealed Krusty's illiteracy.

He prosecuted Bart for the murder of Principal Skinner although it was eventually relieved that Principal Skinner was still alive.

Behind the Laughter

His appearance was based on famed American defense attorney Clarence Darrow.

Episode Appearances

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