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The Egg Council Guy is seen when Homer discovers that his friends are members of a secret organization called the Stonecutters.


Lenny tells Homer that he can only join Stonecutters if he saves the life of a Stonecutter. Homer responds by grabbing the egg salad sandwich that Lenny was eating and throwing it on the floor. He tells Lenny that the eggs could have killed him by cholesterol. Lenny is unimpressed and claims that while eggs contain cholesterol, it is has not been proven that eating eggs actually raises cholesterol levels in the body, to which Homer replies, "So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you too, huh?" Lenny attempts to defend himself by explaining that "it's not like that". The egg hears what Homer said about the "creeps" and runs away. Homer shouts at him, "YOU'D BETTER RUN, EGG!"

The Egg Council Guy also appears at the celebratory rib dinner with the other Stonecutters.

The Egg Advisory Council is mentioned in the episode "Burns' Heir" when Mr. Burns contemplates giving his fortune to the council when he could not find a suitable heir because "eggs have gotten a bad rap lately, you know".

They was also released in The Simpsons: Tapped Out with the Easter 2014 Event.