Whiskey Business
The Fabulous Faker Boy
The Saga of Carl
(Robot Chicken Coach Gag)
Homer: (wakes up and finds out he's an action figure) What the... Ahh!
Homer: (sniffs) Oh cheap palisades smell. Oh no I'm an action figure and I hate action.
Ned Flanders: Howdly ho workataded Neighabrino, Beautiful day ain't it?
Why it's missed on cards.
Homer: Shut up Flander (punches Ned) Ned: Ahhhh (Ned blows up)
Homer: This fatality ain't all bad.
Homer: Elecistic power Activate ( turns into a giant doughnut and runs over Anges, Martin and Mr. Burns)
Homer: Beep Beep Beep
Barney: (burps 6 times)
Moe: Hey Homer give me a yank. (Homer pulls his string) I'm lonely, Tepacule
Marge:(in Car) Homer, this isn't the way to the mall
Homer: The mall? I though you said Bad Ass City
Otto: Go get dressed.
(Homer and Otto races round Springfield and over Springfield Gorge)
Ralph: I'm a fatality.
(The Simpsons arrived at the couch and got strapped into the chair with Robot Chicken turning on the TV)
Homer: Hey put that Chicken What back on!

Ralph: Who can make the sunrise? Why won't anyone tell me!?! (starts crying and exits stage)

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