The Ned-liest Catch
The Falcon and the D'ohman
Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts

Cultural references

  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1978 book The Falcon and the Snowman, about Christopher Boyce, a man working for a defense contractor, who sold secrets to the Soviet Union out of his disdain for American foreign policy. Boyce enlisted his friend, Andrew Lee, to take the secret papers and microfiche to Mexico City and make contact with the Soviet Embassy to Mexico. The novel was made into a 1985 film starring Timothy Hutton as Boyce and Sean Penn as Lee.
  • Bart and Lisa's harsh rejection of Marge changing their snacks and saying they hate surprises and love routine is a jab at the status quo to which the show usually returns. The reason for this jab is due to the status quo being shaken up by Ned and Edna's continuing relationship.
  • In the room Jeffery Albertson is in at the start of the episode, many references to other episodes are made; for instance, Spider Pig can be seen near the computer.
  • Wayne Slater seems to be an extreme parody of 24's Jack Bauer, also played by Kiefer Sutherland, and who has appeared in the series as well.
  • The "Taiwanese animated dramatization" of the bar fight references the work of Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, which produces comedic CGI-animated news coverage; the last part seems to reference The Simpsons: Hit & Run.
  • In this episode, Homer predicts robots taking away people’s jobs; in Them, Robot, that happens.
  • Snake gets a snooker rack tight around around his waist and a pickle jar stuffed over his head. These are similar to bonus moves in MadWorld.
  • During one his flashbacks, Wayne is seen fighting against famous NBA player Kobe Bryant, Batman villain The Penguin, Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill Vol. 1), and the The Baseball Furies (one of the street gangs in The Warriors).


  • The fate of Nedna was chosen despite the fact it wasn't the second part of another episode; like "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" was.
  • This is the 6th episode to not have the Couch Gag, Billboard Gag and Chalkboard Gag and it is the second straight episode to not have any Gags.

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