Go Big or Go Homer
The Fat Blue Line
Treehouse of Horror XXX
Louie: You want us to bring you anything back from the festival, Tone?
Fit-Fat Tony: No, it's all carbs. I don't want people to think I'm fat.
Johnny Tightlips: But your name is Fat Tony.
Fat Tony: It blends.

Lenora Carter: What are you doing here?
Chief Wiggum: I admit it, I couldn't stay away. I was following you. And, I was driving around to put Ralphie to sleep. That kid cannot go down.
Ralph Wiggum: I'm a lotto ball! You lose again, Daddy!

Chief Wiggum: Marge, have you ever felt like life has passed you by, there's no point?
Marge: Oh, you're just having a rough patch. It happens to all men in their 50s.
Chief Wiggum: I'm 38, Marge.

Fat Tony (to Homer and Chief Wiggum): The three of us, we are not that different.
Homer (to Fat Tony): Whoa! Hey, whoa! What's this guy talking about?
Fat Tony: We are cicciabomba, who like to sit in the sun and enjoy a nice prosciutto.
Homer: Cicciabomba, prosciutto. You guys make garbage sound good.
Fat Tony: We call garbage spazzatura.
Homer: Mmmm...garbage.
Chief Wiggum: Heheh, garbage.
(laughs) (toasts)

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