Replaceable You
The Food Wife
The Book Job
Marge: And here's a marble for Lisa for cleaning her room, and a marble for Bart for not trashing Lisa's room. The jars are full, so you've earned your Saturday Surprise Dad Day!
Lisa and Bart: Yay!
Homer: This Saturday, from the dad who brought you cemetery paintball and go-karts on real roads, comes the greatest activity yet...

Marge: [after taking the kids to the Cross Games] I'm sorry gang. I blew it.
Bart: [groans] I hate when grown ups call kids "Gang"!
Lisa: Don't worry about it mom. Dad will take us on a great outing next weekend.
[Marge groans and the car engine breaks]
Marge: Why do old squirrels always crawl into my engine to die? [Groans] I guess we'll be making an unscheduled pit stop, gang.
Bart: We're not a gang! Gangs are cool!

Gordon Ramsay: Stop your bloody whinging, Marge.
Marge: Aah! Gordon Ramsay!
Gordon Ramsay: You ---- it up, big blue, didn't you? Why did you invite Homer? He stole your bloody thunder. You're not as ---- fun as him, and you never will be.
Marge: (crying)
Gordon Ramsay: Darling, Darling, crying's not fun. Homer's Fun. Now, get out of my dream.
Marge: It's my dream.
Gordon Ramsay: Not anymore it's not. Ramsay, awake!

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