Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
The Fool Monty
How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?

"Smithers, I want to die silently, on my own terms - crushing as many of those baby sea turtles as I possibly can... Goodbye, insufficiently cruel world!"

- Mr. Burns

"The Fool Monty" is the sixth episode of Season 22.


After Mr. Burns cuts in line for the medicine for a so-called disease called "House Cat Flu", everyone in town starts to hate him. Burns is informed by his doctor that the tycoon will pass away in five–six weeks. Soon, Burns attempts to commit suicide but falls into a forest with Amnesia. Homer and Bart then establish a schedule for everyone in town to keep Burns for half an hour each and torture him.

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The big TV companies make a plan to make a new disease, called House Cat Flu, that will force people to be scared and watch TV for updates on the crisis. After Homer threatens to burn everything the cat has touched, Marge tells him that there is a vaccine to the flu and they go to the hospital.

As the townspeople wait a long line to receive the vaccine, which is rationed to one child per family, Burns drives directly to the front of the line and demands 37 doses: one for himself, one for Smithers and 35 for his dogs, even though they are immune to the disease, as they would see him take it and also want some. Mayor Quimby gives him what he wants, as he is the only person in town who actually pays his taxes. This draws glares for the townspeople, followed by open hatred when Burns drives over several boxes containing the town's entire vaccine supply, wasting the vaccine by spilling it onto the street.

After Burns' Doctor gives him the vaccine, he mentions that Burns is dying and that he only has five to six weeks to live. He hosts a massive dinner and invites many townsfolk to deliver the horrible news, only to go from sad to enraged when people begin celebrating. Burns tries to take his own life by jumping of a cliff but bounces off objects, including an airplane. He then lands on the ground in a forest. In the morning, Bart is walking around poking objects with his "poop stick". He pokes Burns and he wakes up again, with no memory at all. Bart takes him home after he almost gets his tongue pulled out by a bird. Meanwhile, the townspeople gather at Burns' funeral and spit on his open grave until it is full.

Bart tries to hide Burns in his room before he runs away from his bath into the living room. The Simpsons take him to the rest of the town where they agree to take turns with Burns where they can take revenge of him. After a while of arguing over whose turn it is to get Burns, he is returned to Homer for his turn again. However, Homer is getting bored of Burns and lets Lisa take him. Lisa takes Burns to his mansion where he sees picture of himself on a throne of skulls and remembers everything.

Meanwhile, Smithers has gotten a new job for former vice president Dick Cheney. He gets told to do jobs such as pull wings off of bees. Smithers obviously doesn't like his new job and boss as much as Burns.

Burns later comes and pick Smithers up and takes him back with him after he has his memory erased. The two then fly a helicopter above Springfield and reveal to the townspeople that he plans to drop a dome on Springfield in revenge for the things townspeople had done to him. Unfortunately, the townspeople reveal that it has already been done before. Lou also states that they could always just dig out from it, although that never occurred to anyone before. He then realizes that he had survived for longer than six weeks. Marge thinks it is because he has helped people and been kind. However, after giving Ralph a sweet, he starts to die again. He then realizes that it was the spite building up in him that kept him alive. Burns plans to leave, and finds Nelson in the helicopter forcing Burns to be his father for the school play, otherwise he will crash the helicopter. Burns goes to the play and seems to enjoy it.



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