So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
The Front
Whacking Day
Krusty: (after seeing the terrible Itchy & Scratchy episode) I could pull a better cartoon out of my a... hey hey, wasn't that great kids?

Homer's Brain: This is it, Homer. It's time to tell her the terrible secret from your past.
Homer: Marge, I ate those fancy soaps you bought for the bathroom.
Marge: Oh, my God!
Homer's Brain: No, the other secret!
Homer: Marge, I never graduated from High School.
Marge: Well, that still doesn't explain why you ate my soap. Wait, maybe it does.

Grampa: (writing a letter) Dear Mr. President, there are too many states nowadays. Please eliminate three. I am not a crackpot.

Lisa: It's so sad that Krusty is ashamed of his roots.
Homer walks into the living room with a plunger on his head
Homer: Marge, it happened again!
Bart: What are you going to change your name to when you grow up?
Lisa: Lois Sanborne.
Bart: Steve Bennett.

Bart: Didn't you wonder why you were getting checks for doing nothing?
Grampa: I figured it was because the Demmie-crats were back in power.

Lisa's Brain: Poor predictable Bart. Always takes 'rock'.
Bart's Brain: Good ol' 'rock'. Nuthin' beats that!
Bart: Rock!
Lisa: Paper.
Bart: D'oh!

Secretary: Is this the Abraham Simpson who wrote the Itchy and Scratchy episode?
Grampa: Ishy and what? No, you must be some kind of crazy person.
Secretary: I'm sorry, but we have a substantial check here for a Mr. Abraham Simpson.
Grampa: That's right. I did the Iggy.

Homer: I never passed Remedial Science 1A.
Marge: And you're a nuclear technician?
Homer: Marge! Ix-nay on the uclear-nay echnician-tay.
Marge: What did you say?
Homer: I don't know. I flunked Latin, too.

Grampa: Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions.

Singers: Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Ned Flanders!
Homer: Not me!
Singers: Everyone who counts loves Ned Flanders!
Ned: Knock that off, you two. It's time for church!
Rod: We're not going to church today!
Ned: What!? You give me one good reason!
Todd: It's Saturday.
Ned: Okely dokily-doo!
Singers: Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Ned Flanders!

Dondelinger: Alright, here are your exams, fifty questions true or false.
Homer: True.
Dondelinger: Homer, I was just describing the test.
Homer: True.
Dondelinger: Look Homer, just take the test and you'll do fine.
Homer: False.

Dondelinger: Now, I'm going to burn this donut to show you how many calories it has.
Dondelinger: The bright blue flame indicates this was a particularly sweet donut.
Homer: This is not happening!

Roger Meyers, Jr: Hey, how would you kids like a tour of the studio? Abe, are you coming?
Grampa: Any stairs?
Roger Meyers, Jr: Just one.
Grampa: Nuts to you.

Lisa: Grampa, how did you take off your underwear without taking off your pants?
Grampa: I don't know!

Homer: Alright brain. You don't like me and I don't like you. But let's just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer.
Homer's Brain: It's a deal.

Dondelinger: Welcome to Remedial Science 1A. My wife recently passed away. I thought that maybe teaching would ease my loneliness.
Homer: Will this be on the test?
Dondelinger: No!
Homer: Ohhh. (erases note from his cheat sheet)

Bart: What about Grampa? He's pretty out of it. He let those guys use his checkbook for a whole year.

Bart: Hey, Grampa, we need to know your first name.
Grampa: You're making my tombstone!?
Lisa: No were just curious.

Bart: I'll never watch an awards show again.

Homer: I discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch.

Homer: What can I say? It hasn't been easy staying in my rut.

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