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The Frying Dutchman, owned by Captain Horatio McCallister, is a seafood restaurant in Springfield. The storefront depicts two windows, shipwheel-shaped windows on the front entrance doors, as well as two neon signs, one depicting the name of the restaurant, and the other depicting an animation featuring a fisherman fishing up fish and then tossing the reeled in fish to an awaiting fat man's eager mouth with the words "All You Can Eat" underneath. There is no item on the menu that does not include seafood, even items that should normally not, such as the bread. The restaurant had an all-you-can-eat buffet, which Homer took advantage of, and nearly bankrupted the restaurant in the process when he ate constantly for hours on end (with one waiter when relaying to McCallister is called in to try and stop Homer that Homer by that point had eaten "all our shrimp, and two plastic lobsters" and caused McCallister to claim that Homer was not a human, but rather "a remorseless eatin' machine" in irritation) and refused to leave even after the restaurant had been closed. When Captain McCallister got annoyed at Homer for eating all the food, it turned into a court case. Although Homer technically won the court case, McCallister had Homer eat huge amounts of food in front of everyone at the restaurant like a side show attraction as part of an "out-of-court settlement".

The restaurant is notorious for its poorly-prepared seafood. Homer gave the restaurant a bad review, but despite the Captain's hatred of Homer for giving the bad review, he placed the bad review on the door anyway, as it was a convenient way to cover up the "D" from the Health Inspection Agency.

The store's name is a play on the name of the legendary ghost ship of nautical lore, "The Flying Dutchman."

Real life version at Universal Studios Florida Orlando.


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