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This is the absolutely the last funeral we ever take you kids to!
Homer Simpson

The Funeral is the ninth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on October 4, 1987.


The short begins with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie playing with their toys in the living room, until Marge and Homer enter the room with very sad news that Homer snaps at them to sit down for as Marge tells them: their elderly Uncle Hubert has passed away. The children wonder what "passed away" means. Bart, after being yelled at by Homer for over explaining in slang, simply explains to his sister "The dude died." as they mourn.

At the Funeral Home, the owner tells the family that now is the right time to go and say their goodbyes to Uncle Hubert. The family is sad, but Bart has a huge grin on his face because he can't wait to see a dead body, knowing his skin will be all "green and clammy and stuff" and that it will be "just like a zombie movie, only real", which disgusts Lisa. The family then looks at Uncle Hubert in the coffin, with Bart fainting in sickness at the sight of the corpse. When the pallbearers march up the hill to Uncle Hubert's grave, Bart starts complaining because the burial is taking too long and too slow. He runs up to the empty grave and directs the men carrying the casket; thankfully, Homer swoops in and covers Bart's mouth at the right time.

When the family is driving home from the event, Marge tells the kids that all three of them have been naughty (despite how Bart was the only one misbehaving) and she and Homer were disappointed. Homer scolds them, declaring that this is the last funeral they attend together. Bart and Lisa become angered by this.



The Simpsons - Tracey Ullman Short - The Funeral

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