Making Faces
The Funeral
Maggie's Brain
Homer: Children we have some very sad news for you. I think you had better sit down. Sit down! (The children sat down)
Marge: Children, your elderly Great Uncle Hubert has passed away. 
Homer: Do you have any questions?
Lisa: Yeah, what does passed away mean?
Bart: (fakes his throat slit) You know, kicked the bucket, pulled the croak chain, had a meeting with old Mr. Grim, the...
Homer: Bart!
Bart: The dude died. 
(Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, and Marge bow their heads down and close their eyes in sadness.) 

Funeral Owner: Would the family care to view the loved one at this time?
Bart: Oh boy, I never seen a dead body before, but his skin will be all green and clammy and stuff it will be just like a zombie movie only real.
Lisa: Ew! (Marge, Homer, Lisa and Maggie looked at the body, Bart turned green and faints at the sight of the dead body, some members of the family walked up a hill and carrying his coffin)
Bart: Oh, man, this is so slow. Steady boys. Easy there. Whoa! Little to the left... (Homer covers his mouth)
Homer: I wanna... (continues indistinct)
Marge: You children were very very naughty today.
The Children: (make sad faces)
Marge: Your Father and I are quite disappointed in the three of you.
Homer: This is the absolutely the LAST funeral we ever take you kids to!
Lisa: Awwwwww, (Furious)
Bart: Awwwwww, come on, man!!! (Furious)

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