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The Gilded Truffle is an elegant, upscale restaurant in Springfield. It is popular for having truffles on their menu.


The restaurant is first in seen in Lisa's dream in Treehouse of Horror II, when Homer takes the family to the restaurant after Bart wishes for The Simpsons to become rich and famous. Homer refers to the restaurant as "the fanciest restaurant in town."[1]

Tapped Out

Bart, posing as "Woodrow," made a date to meet Mrs. Krabappel for dinner at the restaurant, but stood her up. He did this specifically as revenge for when she confiscated his yo-yo[1].

Homer and Marge made plans to go to The Gilded Truffle for their wedding anniversary, but when Grampa didn't show up to babysit (as the latter mistook the house next door for their house), they ended up having to take the kids along. The kids didn't want to go to The Gilded Truffle, so at their insistence the family ended up eating at the Up, Up and Buffet! instead, which had been across the street[2].

Moe and his girlfriend Renee once went to dinner with Homer and Marge at The Gilded Truffle, being served their finest food stuffed with their second finest (lobster stuffed with tacos).

Homer gave the restaurant a bad review when he got a job as a food critic, only because other critics told him to do so.[3]

Gilded Truffle

Homer took his family to The Gilded Truffle after he took over Krusty's time slot on Channel 6. While there, he signed an autograph for Ralph Wiggum and dreamed of saving Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy from assassination[4].

The restaurant once employed Groundskeeper Willie until he quit and returned to his old job at Springfield Elementary.[5]

Homer dines there with Marge, along with an entourage consisting of Carl and Lenny[6].

This is also where Grampa takes Selma on a date[7].