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The Girl Code
Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles

"The Girl Code" is the tenth episode of Season 27.


After a photo Marge posts on social media gets Homer fired, he returns to the best job he ever had, a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. This same post inspires Lisa to code an app that predicts the real-life consequences of anything you post online, only to create sentient artificial intelligence.[3]

Full Story[]

Marge is cleaning the house when she realizes she let Homer forget his lunchbox at home. Feeling guilty, she rushes to the nuclear plant to deliver his food, even though he's already eating. Since they're together, they decide to have fun, taking pictures. Later that day, Marge decides to post one of the pictures on Facelook, showing Homer holding a melting ice cream cone in front of the power plants, with the description "Meltdown at the Nuclear Plant!". But when Smithers saw the picture, he shows it to Mr. Burns, who takes the joke offensively, decides to dismiss Homer from his job.

Meanwhile, at Springfield Elementary. The kids are waiting for the computing coding teacher. When Quinn enters the class, she is mocked because she's a woman, but she replies to the mocking, not only surprising everyone, but also proving that she's good. She also notices Lisa, the only girl in the entire class, and says that she'll give her "special treatment" because of it. Later, Lisa has homework to think of a cool app that can be programmed. When she enters her house, she hears Marge mourning about that early post, and has the idea to create an app that warns people about the consequences of an online post.

She presents her idea to the coding class, impressing everyone, so Quinn decides to turn her idea to reality, with the help of five other woman programmers and Comic Book Guy. They name the project Consequences Eradicator, or Conrad. They decide to do the first test on Bart, by showing them a video of Principal Skinner getting hurt with a nose hair trimmer, and encourage him to post it on Facelook. Conrad warns him that if he posts said video, he'll get five weeks of detention, he decides not to. To prove if the program was right, Lisa posts the video on Bart's account, only for him to get said five weeks detention.

At the same time, Homer realizes that he only got one job he liked: a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. Homer decides to go back to his old job, but he ends up getting some Greek habits with it, such as the non-homosexual chick kiss or saying "Opa", which annoy some of his friends. Later that day, Lisa was talking with herself about Conrad changing the world, but to her surprise, Conrad replied, proving that he was not only a programmed app, but a thinking artificial intelligence, but when she tried to show that to the other programmers, Conrad stood quiet, making them think that Lisa was only hallucinating because of tiredness.

At the Springfield Convention Center, the crew was first presenting Conrad to the public, and it was an instant success, but Conrad talked with Lisa one more time, saying that he didn't talk to the other women because he was tired, at first Lisa ignores him claiming that she is crazy but he assures her she isn't and that he is alive. He implores her to not let him be released to public because he doesn't want to check all the disgusting and stupid posts on the internet. Later, Conrad wins as the best app at the convention and was about to be released into the app store, but Lisa decides to accept Conrad's request and take him with her. Lisa tries to escape the convention center, but is chased down by the investors and possible buyers.

Realizing there's no escape, Lisa has to plug her computer into a server so Conrad can escape into the cloud. The female coders beg Lisa not to do it as they have a chance to prove to everyone that female coders can do something awesome. Lisa understands but explains that deep down she is like Conrad a sensitive soul, she releases him into the cloud. He appears in all the convention's screens talking to everyone, everyone is amazed. Before leaving, he advises people that they don't need an app to see the consequences of a post, and for them to think before they post. While leaving the event, Marge says that Homer's first salary was two thousand drachmas, which would be worth zero dollars, but Lisa gets a message from Conrad, saying that he hacked into the power plant's mainframe and found some incriminating files and was blackmailing Mr. Burns to get Homer's job back, to which the whole family celebrates with an "Opa!"


This episode received great reviews from fans and critics alike.


Notes and references[]

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