It's In The Cards
The Gnarly Adventures Of Busman
When Bongos Collide!
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The secondary story of The Simpsons Comics 4.


Busman transports a group of travellers to Garlicville, defending against Mutant Vampires on the way with his new acquaintance, Busbabe.

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Busman opens with a dialogue about The Desert's desolate nature. It has been years since The Nuclear War and Mutant Vampires became a constant threat. Busman escorts some passengers (The Floozy, The Lush, The Bounty Hunter and The Missionary Lady) in his School Bus at a price of various goods. He picks up a stranded Mr. Burns and Smithers. While stopping into The Trading Post, Busman meets a mysterious woman looking for a ride. After explaining how her axe (guitar) broke after smashing it over the head of her manager, Busman sympathizes for her situation and offers her a ride. While driving through the desert, the bus is attacked by Mutant Vampires. The passengers help Busman ward the vampires off. When Busman is caught off guard from behind, the mysterious woman saves him by stabbing the vampire with the her broken fretboard. The bus reaches Garlicville and drops off the passengers, except for the drifter. Busman asks where she wants to go and she replies 'wherever you're going'. They ride off to the sunset and she says to Busman that he can call her Busbabe.


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