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  • As of this episode, all of The Simpsons episodes would be drawn and animated with digital ink and paint rather than traditional cel animation. Although it was first used in Radioactive Man, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, Tennis the Menace, and Treehouse of Horror XIII, that was just to test out digital animation.
  • When Sideshow Bob is shocked by Marge his hair goes up into a big round Afro like the one he had in his first appearance in The Telltale Head.
  • When Homer and Sideshow Bob enter the Kwik-E Mart, Bob remembers that he robbed the mart while dressed like Krusty in Krusty Gets Busted only to be foiled by Bart. Apu even remembers Bob's robbery. Homer was also there when it happened but he doesn't mention it.
    • Sideshow Bob shot himself out of a cannon during the parade, which was also a reference to him being shot as Krusty's sidekick in Krusty Gets Busted.
  • After this episode Bob doesn't return to jail until Funeral for a Fiend.
  • Frank Grimes Jr. is the son of Frank Grimes from Homer's Enemy.
  • Lisa claims in this episode not to like children's author Dr. Seuss. However, in Lisa the Simpson she considered his book Yertle the Turtle to be the greatest book ever written.
  • Though Homer doesn’t remember Frank Grimes until Junior reminds Homer of him, Homer also remembers Frank Grimes wasn’t married.
  • The scene were Bart says he's going to throw a Baby Ruth into the pool is a reference to the in the 1980 film "Caddyshack".
  • Duffman's statement about Duff Stout being "The Beer that made Ireland famous" is a reference to the old slogan for Schlitz Beer (The Beer that made Milwaukee famous).
  • That 30's Show is a reference to That 70's Show.
  • From this episode on, Sideshow Bob is depicted with a lighter shade of yellow for his body and red for his hair.
  • Sideshow Bob references Frasier by saying Frasier's catchphrase, "Dear God!"
  • This is the last episode to air in 2002.
  • This is the only Sideshow Bob episode to be a sequel to a non-Sideshow Bob episode.
  • Running Gag: Sideshow Bob keeps getting shocked by the shock button.
  • The episode was mentioned by Frank Grimes Jr. in Simpsons Comics 125. It was also mention by the comic’s editor.
  • The enemies of Homer's (who could kill him) are:


  • In the scene where Homer and Bob are chasing Frank Grimes Jr. in the FXX version, you can see his cape fall off. Then you see Homer and Bob again. But when you see FG Jr. again, he is still wearing his cape. Then, when he turns into the alley his cape is gone again.
  • After Moe's pickle jar gets shot, there is a shot that goes to the wall and slowly looks at each picture. When we first see it, there are six pictures shown. Two larger ones on the right side, and four smaller pictures vertically down the left side. The picture in question is the large one in the bottom right corner. Originally, it is Moe in Egypt with the jar, and then when they do all the close up pictures, it suddenly changes to a picture of Moe and his jar laying on the beach.
  • After Bob stabs Bart's pajamas with the knife, his stomach is visible, but when you see Bart looking at his watch, it isn't visible, but when you see Bart again, you can see it again.

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