The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
The Great Money Caper
Skinner's Sense of Snow
After the magic show was a big letdown
Homer: 60 cents? I would've made more if I'd gone into work today!
Bart: Hey, don't blame me, I've got to compete with TV and the Internet!
Homer: A good son would come through for his dad!
Bart: Yeah, and a good dad wouldn't miss his son's little league games!
Homer: I told you, I find them boring!
Bart: Well, I showed up for all your stupid interventions!
Homer: Oh, that's it! You can walk home!
(Homer gets in his car and drives off)
Bart: Dad, come back! Oh, I can't walk home with all this stuff! :(Sighs)
Mrs. Hibbert: Poor boy! Here's some money for a bus fare!
Sideshow Mel: My father was a monster too.
Michael Jackson look-a-like puppets man: Come on, brothers, dig deep!
(Homer is still driving home)
Homer: Stupid non-magical son can't pay to fix my car!

Homer: Lies got us into this mess, Son. From now on, it's honesty all the way.
(at Home)
Marge: You were carjacked … in the church parking lot?!
Homer: Absolutely. We had stopped in for a quick prayer, when -- Bart, would you call him a crazy man?
Bart: Definitely … well, crazy about carjacking.
Lisa: What did he look like?
Homer: Um … let's see … he was … foreign … and he had…
Bart: Wild, bushy hair -- like an animal!
Lisa: Anything else?
Homer: Well, he seemed like a loner -- kept to himself, mostly.
Bart: And, he said if we went to the cops, he'd come back for Maggie.
Marge: (Gasps) Oh, dear! We don't want that!
Homer: Any who, the whole nightmare has really made us sleepy. Let's hit the hay.

Bart: Why are we still grifting? The car's paid for; doesn't that balance out the universe?
Homer: In a way, but I also remembered some other stuff, like my bike that was stolen in third grade. Plus the baldness.
Bart: Okay, I'm sold.

Lisa: I don't know, Mom, I think they're up to something.
Marge: Sure looks that way, but at least Bart and Homer are spending quality time together.
Lisa: It that a Long Island iced tea?
Marge: Oh, this? Hmm, I think it is! (Drinks it) You're a pretty girl. (Pats Lisa's face)

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