The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
The Great Money Caper
Skinner's Sense of Snow


  • The premiere of this episode was watched by 16.8 million people in America.

Cultural references

  • The episode's title is a pun of The Great Muppet Caper, the second movie of The Muppets.
  • When Homer tries to sell a Bible to Ned Flanders, Flanders mentions the movie Paper Moon a black and white 1973 American motion picture comedy with the same plot-line as The Great Money Caper.
  • Grandpa's line about being rich enough to get a "crazy stripper wife" is a reference to deceased Playboy model wikipedia:Anna Nicole Smith, who started out as a stripper and tried to seduce a rich old man so she can get all of the money he promised to his family.
  • Shortly before bumping into a "blind" Bart, Kent Brockman ends a phone conversation with "Good Night and have a pleasant tomorrow", a signoff used by Chevy Chase (and later Tina Fey) at then end of the Saturday Night Live news segment Weekend Update.


  • When the Simpsons are driving back home, Marge asks the kids to be quiet because of her hangover. She is not wearing any lipstick in this clip. The picture then pans out and Marge can be seen wearing lipstick once again without having time to reapply it.
  • Willie wouldn't be able to fire a gun, as "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)" revealed that he developed a crippling arthritis in his index fingers from space invaders (not the 1970s video game--actual space invaders). However, he may have got it repaired.
  • Several scenes involving the Russian space station Mir were inaccurate: For one thing, the sturgeon that was implied to be their dinner would have burned in the atmosphere by the time it entered reentry, and even if some part of it managed to survive re-entry, the damage to the car would have been much more than just landing on the hood (it would have taken off the entire front of the car and possibly killed everyone in the car). Also, the cosmonauts had their helmets off when it was discovered that they accidentally left the hatch open, which would have actually resulted in their deaths due to explosive decompression. Lastly, by the time this episode aired, Mir was not only already decommissioned for about four years, but was also deorbited and burned in the atmosphere a few months prior.
  • Willy wasn't informed about the whole prank on Bart and Homer so him shooting in court wasn't planned, making it odd that they took care of that part of the hoax.

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