Love is a Many Strangled Thing
The Great Simpsina
The Real Housewives of Fat Tony

Cultural References

  • This episode was the least viewed episode of The Simpsons until the airing of "Ned 'N Edna's Blend".
  • The title is a parody of The Great Santini.
  • The musical animatronic, Ali Rudy Vallée, is named after American actor, entertainer, bandleader and composer Rudy Vallée. A caricature of Vallée appeared in a Betty Boop cartoon entitled "Poor Cinderella".
  • The song Ali Rudy Vallée plays is Three Little Fishies, a #1 hit for Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge in 1939. Lyrics and a MIDI version of the song can be found on the NIEHS Kids' Pages.
  • Cregg Demon Magicfreek is a reference to Criss Angel and his Criss Angel Mindfreak show.
  • That Old Black Magic (Louis Prima and Keely Smith version) plays during the montage of Lisa performing her magic.
  • The music heard when the door opens to the "little magicians' room" is Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones.
  • The mirror noir shows that Lisa will die of morbid obiesity because it was from the "American market".
  • The music played during Cregg Demon's act is "Milkshake" by Kelis.
  • The milk can escape was one of Harry Houdini's most famous tricks. This trick is also considered one of the most dangerous ones as there are records of magicians who drowned trying to execute the trick.


  • After Sideshow Bob Roberts, this is the second episode that featured no chalkboard gag or couch gag in its original airing ("Sideshow Bob Roberts" originally had the short opening on its original broadcast, but has the very short opening on repeats). However, unlike the former, this episode is missing the opening sequence altogether, with the credits that would normally appear on the TV appearing as subtitles during the first act.
  • This is one of the several episodes to be rated TV-14.
  • FOX Broadcasting Company said that this episode was running too long, so they chose to skip the opening sequence. Instead, it begins with the Simpsons going peach farming, marking this as the fourth episode to not have the sequences, along with "Bart the General", "Life on the Fast Lane" and "Sideshow Bob Roberts" (repeats only for "Sideshow Bob Roberts"; that episode originally used the short opening on its original broadcast)
  • According to Marge, they had to pay for the peaches they take home, so Homer could have left the peaches in the farm without having to pay for them.


  • When Lisa does the milk trick, Nelson is seen telling God, "God, if you don't bring my Lisa back safe, ants will burn tonight!" This is from when the pair dated in "Lisa's Date with Density". Clearly the writers wish to remind us that Nelson still has feelings for her 14 seasons later.


  • When Ewell takes the guitar to play it, the pegbox goes through his face.
  • When Lisa goes out of the bush, one bush has a different green tint.
  • When Marge lays again on the massage bed, her left arm becomes of a dark yellow tint.
  • When Bart walks on the corner, Dolph does not have his fringe. Later, it reappears.
  • When Raymondo opens the sarcophagus, the pommuls of the swords cannot be seen.
  • After Lisa says "Looks like there's magic between you two", Raymondo and his wife in the photo don't have pupils.
  • It is unknown why Marge does not say something after Lisa and Bart throw away the peaches. Although it could be that she grounded them offscreen.
  • In one scene, Allison Taylor has blue hair.
  • Raymondo's TV turns on it with a RC the first time. But when he turns it off later, he does it with his magic wand.
  • When Raymondo turns off the TV, he turns it off with a magic wand he has. Later, the wand is gone.
  • When Raymondo yells, "JUST OUT!", he sounds like Dan Castellaneta instead of his original voice actor, Martin Landau.
  • Raymondo puts a blanket to cover Lisa. Later, the blanket disappears.
  • When Homer goes to the theater with the family, he does not have a coat. He then suddenly does, which gets stolen. He then wears the coat in the theater.
  • The confetti thrown by Raymondo's fake head disappears after Raymondo leaves the stage.

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