Bart Gets a "Z"
The Great Wife Hope
Treehouse of Horror XX
(The mothers play bowling.)
Luann: How did you ever come up with an idea like 'crazy bowling'?
Marge: I Googled 'girls having fun', and after wading through 97,000 pages of porn, I found 'crazy bowling'.

Groundskeeper Willie: Come on, ya pansies! I've seen fiercer fights in Parliament!
Sideshow Mel: Yes! What is this? Prime Minister's Question Time?
Moe: Yeah! Is it that?
(Willie and Mel give a high five.)

Homer: (After meeting with a fighter and having an autograph.) But remember: don't try this at home. Do it at the schoolyard. Someplace where, if you get hurt, we can sue not just them, but the school, the county, the state, and that jackass Joe Biden.

Marge: (After catching beating up Nelson), Bart Simpson! I'm glad your father isn't here to see them.
(Homer is among the viewers with a banner saying Bring the Pain)
Homer: (With the crowd) Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, (sees Marge; he lowers his voice), Kill, Kill.

(Bart tries to stop Marge about Ultimate punching.)
Bart: You love Ultimate Punching even more than I do.
Homer: Ultimate Punching is exploitative, violent, and a bad influence on our young people. Studies have shown your mother is right.

Marge: (After winning the event.) We can enjoy some mixed Marital arts.
Homer: Oh, no holds barred.

(Bart and Nelson both have their shirts off. Bare chested, they circle each other, ready to fight)
Nelson: Here we go.

(Nelson has his shirt off and has Milhouse in a grappling hold)
Nelson: Python neck clinch... and... out!
Milhouse: Maybe I was promoted to green belt too early.
Nelson: Next Victim!
(Bart walks up to Nelson and takes his shirt off. He and Nelson bump fists, preparing to fight)

Women: (protesting against the fight) One, two, We say boo! Tree, four, Stop the gore!
Homer: Five, six, who got ticks?
Ticket seller: (gives Homer two tickets) Seven, eight, use that gate!

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