Hello, Human Fly here. Come on, I spent all night dyeing my underwear!
―The Human Fly[src]

The Human Fly, real name Jerry Patton[1], is an attention seeker who climbs skyscrapers. When The Be Sharps reunite and sing "Baby on Board" on top of Moe's Tavern, a crowd flocks around to watch while at the same time the Human Fly climbs a nearby skyscraper.


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Simpsons Comics

In the story, "Sky High Bart", when Bart's flying boots go out of control and send him flying upwards, he zooms past the Human Fly. Yet again, he is climbing a skyscraper, and says, "Sheesh! Why not use the elevator, kid?".

The Human Fly is also included in the Simpsons cast poster.



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