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The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
Homer's Phobia


  • Many of the Itchy and Scratchy staff members are caricatures of the actual Simpsons staff.
  • The episode features the first appearance of Comic Book Guy's catchphrase "Worst. "Noun". Ever".
  • Roy was supposed to appear in "Time and Punishment" form Treehouse of Horror V in an alternate universe where he is Homer's son.
  • The episode, and Roy in particular, is a reference to FOX trying to convince the writers to add a new character to the Simpson's household.

Cultural References

  • This episode's theme is that of "jumping the shark", doing outlandish things to a show, like adding a new character, in an attempt to boost ratings and save the show from cancellation.
  • June Bellamy, voiced by Simpsons regular Tress MacNeille, is a reference to veteran voice actress June Foray.
  • The scene where Homer hides in a closet and hears that Poochie will be killed off is a reference to Jay Leno supposedly hiding in a closet and hearing that he would replace Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.
  • Roy is largely based on Fonzie, calling Homer and Marge Mr. and Mrs. S, similar to how Fonzie refers to Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham.
  • Roy saying he will move in with "two sexy ladies" is a reference to the sitcom Three's Company.

Krusty without his topmost piece of hair


  • On the Krusty cereal box towards the beginning of the episode, Krusty is missing the hair on the top of his head.
  • Spineless!

    Scratchy's skeleton without a spine

    For a frame in the final Itchy & Scratchy cartoon of the episode, Scratchy's skeleton is missing its spine.
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