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The Kid is All Right is the sixth episode of Season 25.


A new student named Isabel Gutierrez comes to Springfield Elementary, who is Lisa‘s intellectual equal. Lisa and Isabel become fast best friends but matters take a left turn when they realize they have different political views - Isabel is a Republican.

They run against each other in the second-grade election, and then we flash to the future where they are engaged in an actual presidential debate - and Anderson Cooper is the moderator.

Full Story

The episode opens with the Musicville short.

The episode proper begins with Lisa sadly singing "One" by Harry Nilsson to herself as she wanders the grounds of Springfield Elementary, noticing how everyone has friends except her. As the rain starts to fall, she goes back inside the school only to be pestered by her brother shooting spitballs at him. Seeking refuge in the library, she meets Isabel Gutierrez, a new student in the second grade. The two quickly find that they share a lot in common.

Later that night, Lisa gets a call from Isabel who suggests they work on an upcoming class project on Franklin Delano Roosevelt projects together. Lisa quickly agrees.

The next day, Isabel and Lisa give their joint presentation on FDR, but Lisa is taken aback as Isabel delivers a right-wing rant against the former Democratic president. Noticing Lisa's shock, Isabel proudly declares that she is a Republican. And not a moderate one, either!

Back at home, Lisa complains to her mother about this shocking news about her new friend. Marge tells her to not be so judgmental, and taking her daughter to the family attic, reveals that she too was a Republican when she was young. Marge says it was just a phase, and people often change their political views as they get older.

When Lisa sees Isabel the next day, the girls reconcile — it turns out that Isabel's mother gave her the same advice as Marge, except she assured her daughter Lisa was merely going through a "liberal phase."

Meanwhile, the Springfield Republican Party has been closely observing Lisa from afar, seeing a viable future candidate in the making.

The next day at school, Lisa enrolls to run in the class election for second grade rep, and learns the opposing candidate will be Isabel (and a typically oblivious Ralph). As Isabel goes to her locker, she is surprised to see Mr. Burns crammed in there.

Mr. Burns takes Isabel to Phineas Q. Butterfat's Ice Cream Parlor, along with Krusty, Rainier Wolfcastle, Count Dracula, and Superintendent Chalmers, who try to convince her to take their assistance in the election. Isabel turns them down, stating that she would rather do it herself and leaves. Disatisfied, Mr. Burns tells his colleagues that he can just pump a ton of cash into her campaign and help her win that way.

The next day at school, both Lisa and Isabel are surprised to observe campaign posters all over the place blaring "Vote Isabel." Isabel claims she has nothing to do with the barrage of propaganda, but is nevertheless pleased.

That night, Lisa asks Bart to help her win the race. Bart proceeds to create Isabel-themed dodgeballs so that the other students associate her with pain. He also looks into her past for dirt, and finds video proof that Isabel still uses training wheels on her bike — and can still barely ride. Lisa is initially delighted, but quickly fears she's turning evil. Declaring she plans to win the election fair and square, she fires Bart.

On the eve of the election, Lisa and Isabel hold a debate, and both make strong points. The second grade seems genuinely divided over who to vote for. That night, Lisa is visited by the ghosts of great Democratic losers of years past (none of whom are actually dead, Bill Clinton notes) and they encourage her that there's no shame in second. Lisa does indeed wind up losing the election the next day, but Milhouse comforts her by citing poll data that suggests her liberal ideas were more popular than her.

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The episode finishes with a flash-forward of Lisa and Isabel at the 2056 presidential election debate, hosted by Anderson Cooper (character). Adult Lisa seems to have mellowed out a fair bit, and in response to a question of how to end America's (still ongoing) war in Afghanistan, she suggests throwing in the towel and just making them a sate. An aged Homer, who is watching the election on television with his Musicville counterpart, Hoba, proudly exclaims, "That's my girl!" Hoba agrees with a toot.


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