Labor Pains
The Kid is All Right
Yellow Subterfuge
Isabel: (to Lisa) I'm a non-observing Jew from Argentina.
Bart: Ay caramba!
Isabel: (to Bart) Do you even know what that means?
Bart: Uh... Th-there's a caramba in my eye?
Isabel: It's the Spanish version of "hot damn."
Bart: (amazed and shocked) Ay caramba!

(Milhouse comes into the screen, holding a q-tip with a green M&M on the tip)
Milhouse: I finally got that M&M out of my inner ear. I remembered correctly, it was a green one.
Homer: (looking at the M&M) (thinking) Don't eat it, it's been in his ear. Don't eat it, it's been in his ear.
(Suddenly, Santa's Little Helper jumps into the scene, and he nags the M&M)
(Santa's Little Helper sticks his tongue out, revealing the M&M)
Homer: (still thinking) Don't eat it, it's been in the boy's ear and the dog's mouth. Don't eat it.
(The camera zooms out, showing the M&M on Homer's sticking out tongue)
Marge: Oh, for God's sake. (She grabs the M&M from Homer's tongue and shoves it into Milhouse's right ear)

(Bart is asleep when he discovers spitballs are being darted at him by Lisa)
Bart: Ay Carumba!
Lisa: Bart. I need you to help me win the election.
Bart: I can help but it's gonna get rough.
Lisa: I'm fine with rough.
Bart: You don't know what rough is! (he gets slapped) That ain't rough! (he gets slapped again) More like a gentle breeze (he gets punched) Maggie hits harder! (he gets kicked by the sole of her foot with four toes and one heel) Did the goodnight pixie just kiss my cheek? (Lisa grabs his yoyo and slingshot at releases the yoyo as it hits Bart's head) Ok. you got my attention. You wanna win this election? well from now on, you do exactly as I say.
Lisa: You got it!
Bart: First go make me five pans of brownies.
Lisa: You're just taking advantage of the situation!
Bart: Hmm, maybe Isabel likes baking. (walks off)
Lisa: Cakey or gooey? (Bart comes back crossing his arms) I'll make both!

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