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The Last Barfighter is the twenty-second and final episode of Season 32.


After Moe breaks their most sacred rule, a secret society of bartenders seeks ultimate vengeance on Homer and his friends.

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The episode begins with Moe visiting a secret organization, called "The Confidential", where only bartenders are allowed, drinking along with other fellow bartenders.

Later, at The Krusty the Clown Show backstage, Bart and Milhouse arrive, but the show gets cancelled until they round up all the escaped snakes, so they instead go to a Spanish show called "¡Noches con abejorrito!" (translation: Nights with Bumbleebee Man!) where Bart is forced into participating in an audience prize round where the only person standing not to spit out all the Horchata, wins. Bart, due to his incompetence of Spanish, wins, and gets to take home one of the three prizes: a vacuum-cleaner, a crystal skull, or a motorbike. Bart ends up choosing the crystal skull ("Calavera Gritando"), that Homer later reveals to be a novelty bottle for a rare and expensive tequila. However, because of Bart constantly annoying Homer with the skull, Homer sneaks into Bart's room during the night and confiscates the skull while Bart is asleep. After everyone (including Moe) at Moe's drinks the tequila, it is revealed that the next day Moe has been kicked out of The Confidential and that he's lost all his bartender privileges.

The next scene shows that 12 hours earlier, Moe, Barney, Carl, Lenny and Homer, all drunk from the tequila, passed out on a bench, and Moe started revealing everyone's secrets -- including Kent Brockman, Mayor Quimby, Helen Lovejoy and Reverend Lovejoy, Patty and Selma Bouvier and his friends, to which they leave him.

In addition to losing his privileges, another penalty Moe receives is that his regulars are to be "cut off" -- when the clock strikes 5:00 PM, also known as "happy hour", all of his friends will be injected with anti-booze, never to drink alcohol again. Moe visits the Nuclear Power Plant as tells Homer to call Barney, who refuses to believe Moe's warnings. Barney got injected at his home, receiving major symptoms from trying to drink Duff Beer. Homer, Lenny, Carl and Moe try to flee, but are chased by a mob of bartenders with anti-booze injections seeking vengeance. Although it almost succeeded, Lenny and Carl get caught and injected by a German bartender, while at home, Homer, after prompting Marge to leave Springfield, gets injected by a surprise visit from Dr. Hibbert, also revealing his bartending background. Agonized by tremendous guilt and failure, Moe leaves tearfully, but the family is delighted upon hearing the news.

Three months later, the results have shown a huge difference from everyone being sober: Homer has become a much more mature father and has lost weight, got a promotion, and promised to do the things he said for his kids. And at Eightbucks Coffee, Homer eventually reunites with Barney, Carl and Lenny: Lenny has gained a lot of muscle and got in shape, Carl got his start-up funded, and Barney got his job back and reunited with his mother. However, Moe, no longer a bartender, is now working at an Omelet Bar, serving egg meals for customers. Everyone visits Moe and feeling bad for him, say they want him back as his bartender, to which Moe agrees and gives them all a drink of water back at the Tavern. Artemis appears and gives Moe his badge and privileges back, as well as giving everyone the antidote to anti-booze. Barney, Carl and Lenny were reluctant to accept at first, but they agree and inject the antidote into themselves, while Homer refuses because he never got to be the person he wanted to be and that he wanted to live a new life. Artemis and Moe send a mob of bartenders to chase down Homer and inject the antidote.

During the credits scene, Bart, Lisa and Maggie encounter the broken crystal skull, which regenerates itself, warning them about the abuse of alcohol, and they flee in fear as the episode ends.

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