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Homer: Burns' mansion?! But, that's Mr. Burns ' mansion!

Lou: Don't worry, Mr. Burns. We'll get to the bottom of this.
Wiggum: Excuse me, Lou. I'm supposed to say that. Acting like the chief doesn't make you the chief!
Lou: Does acting like the chief I need size 58 pants?
Wiggum: Oh, here we go with the fat jokes! You know, I just wish you could hit the easy targets on the firing range so well! (pause, sees Lou with a sad look on his face, like he's going to cry) Aw, Lou. Why do we hurt each other so?
Lou: Because sometimes it's easier to be cruel than to say what you really feel. (voices chokes up) Permission to hug, chief?
Wiggum: Permission (voices chokes up) granted. Granted, Lou!
(The two of them hug)
Lou: Thank you, Chief!

Ralph: (sees a egg) Yay! (Picks it up and puts it in the basket; it falls through a hole. He sees it again). Yay! (Picks it up again and puts it in the basket again; it falls through the hole again. He sees it again). Yay! (Picks it up again and puts it in the basket again; it falls through the hole again.)
Bart: Ralph, there's a hole in your basket.
Ralph: (Stares blankly for a while) You're Lisa's brother!

Homer: (in a fight with Hugs Bunny the Egg Hunt referee) Silly rabbit, kicks are for ribs!

Homer: You're like all Easter bunnies; can't take a punch to the crotch! So maybe next time, you'll think twice before you "volunteer to have children".

Burns: Now, while we're out, remind me to get my eyes "re-balled" and my brain flushed out with vinegar.
Smithers: Yes, sir. Oh, and your knees will be back from the shop tomorrow.
Burns: Excellent.

Tammy: I'm Tammy, and these are the women of the Cheery Red Tomatoes.
Marge: (gasp) The national organization for women of a certain age?
Agnes: Yeah, only we don't sit around watching TV and eating bonbons, except on TV-Bonbon night, which is every Tuesday and Thursday.

(Homer and Marge are having dinner in the basket of a hot-air balloon. There is a thud and the camera pans upward, showing Moe on top of the balloon)
Moe: I can't believe this happened to me twice!

(in a flashback, Milhouse is walking through Italy with Grandma Nana Sophie)
Milhouse: (voice-over) Nana hated English because in World War II, a GI left her a child, my uncle Bastardo. Nana only spoke Italian to me.
Nana Sophie: Questi, il mio cherubbino, sono della oliva. (Italian) (These, my cherub, are olives.)
Young Milhouse: I love you, Nana. (gets slapped)
Nana: Idiota!
Milhouse: (voice-over) Every time I spoke English, she hit me.
Young Milhouse: Ow, that hurt. (gets slapped)
Nana: Idiota!
Young Milhouse: I'm sorry I'm so stupid.
Nana: Milhouse Mussolini Van Houtan, parla Italiano, IDIOTA! (chases Milhouse with an olive branch)q
(back to the present)
Milhouse: That's how I learned Italian and started wetting my bed.

Marge: I never had the courage to sky dive before!
Tammy: When we get back, we have a surprise for you.
Marge: Oh! Now I really hope my chute opens!
(the girls go into a circle while Moe dives through them attempting suicide)
Moe: Goodbye, cruel world! (to the girls) Ladies.

Lisa: I studied all night. I even made flashcards. (Milhouse takes the flashcards and rips them up) My efforts!
Milhouse: Lisa, you don't learn Italian! You live Italian!

Luigi: Mr. Milhouse, I need your help! I don't know the translation to the cheese in my lasagna.
Lisa: But Luigi, surely you speak Italian.
Luigi: (sigh) No, I don't. I speak-a, how you say, fractured English. It's what my parents spoke at the home.

Miss Springfield: Joe! You said your wife was dead!
Quimby: And you said you graduated from Typing School!
Miss Springfield: I have trouble with the spacebar.

(at the Easter Egg hunt, Nelson takes four eggs from a bird's nest)
Lisa: Nelson, those don't count as Easter Eggs.
Nelson: Yeah, but they count as breakfast.
(Nelson eats one of the unhatched eggs. Several birds then fly in and begin pecking at his face)
Nelson: Ow! Ow! Ow! It was worth it!

Homer: If Marge is going bird watching, then why did she leave our copy of The Field Guide to the Birds by Roger Tory Peterson on our kitchen shelf? (opens book and begins reading) (gasp) Roadrunners are real!

Wiggum: (watching Eddie direct traffic) Look at him tease that Subaru. And that guy can't get a girlfriend; I'll never figure it out.

Skinner: Okay, Lisa, to study in Rome, An applicant must have outstanding grades. Check. Uh-oh. It says you have to speak fluent Italian.
Lisa: (lying) Uh, check.
Skinner: You speak Italian?
Lisa: Of course, I do! Why would I say if I didn't?
Skinner: Hmm, flawless logic. But, I am going to have to ask you to speak a few phrases to verify your fluency.
Lisa: Nervous noise.
Skinner:Though not now, 'cause I have a series of important meetings.
Lisa: Relieved noise.
Skinner: How's tomorrow for you?
Lisa: Nervous noise.
Skinner: 'Cause it's terrible for me. But I'll get back to you...soon.

Italian tape: "Voglio affittare una barca piccola." - I want to rent a small boat.
Lisa: (stops tape) "Voglio affittare una barca piccola." (then pushes "play")
Tape: "Progetto di scaricare questo corpo nell'oceano." - I plan to dump this body in the ocean.
Lisa: Huh?
(she looks at the tape case, which says "Italian for Italian-Americans" and gasps in horror)
Tape: Ciò è che cosa ottenete per fare le domande! - This is what you get for asking questions!
(gunshots are heard and Lisa shudders and throws the tape in the garbage)

Lisa: Hmm, "Spend a summer in Rome".
Sherri: Rome?
Terri: Founded by twins by the way. (sees Lisa is gone) Hey, where'd she go?
Sherri: Oh, well. Let's speak in our secret twin language.
(Sherri and Terri then go into a bizarre language of high-speed jabbering and body movement)

Marge: (after learning of the plan to break into Burns' mansion) Are there any other surprises?
Tammy: I'm not a natural red-head.
Marge: Starts to faints.

Agnes: I'll handle the vault. Burns told me the combination while feeling me up during the Depression. Zero to the left, zero to the right, back

Burns: (about to hand a giant cheque before snatching it back) Instead of giving the money, I will use it to extend my life for another ten minutes. Smithers.
(Smithers takes out a giant marker pen and writes the word VOID over the cheque)
Burns: And the register. (Smithers uses the pen to draw a cross over the reply slip)

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