Duff Gardens
Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you
I'll have a Duff, you have one too
―The line repeated endlessly by the animatronics

The Little Land of Duff is a ride at Duff Gardens. Bart, Lisa and Selma ride on this attraction during their visit to the theme park.

Bart is so bored with the ride and unnerved by the animatronics, with five continents left, that he resorts to daring Lisa to drink the "water" the boats are floating on for a laugh. Although Lisa initially refuses, she obeys Selma's instruction to drink it after Bart's reaction to her refusal, calling her "chicken" and clucking, nearly causes an argument. However, one sip is enough to immediately cause Lisa to suffer severe hallucinations (it is implied that the "water" is some kind of alcohol). Due to Lisa rushing out of the ride in a deranged state, she, Bart, and Selma never finish the ride. An electric guitar mix of the animatronics' song was heard of the song during Lisa's hallucinations while hallucinating Selma as a mutant.


  • The Little Land of Duff is a parody of "it's a small world", an attraction located at several Disney parks. (Originally at the 1964 New York World's Fair), which also had an infamous reputation of being very annoying.
  • There was originally going to be two additional lyrics to the song, although it was cut because the writers thought having two lyrics would have made the song more annoying, and thus funnier.


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