The Longest Daycare couch gag
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The The Longest Daycare couch gag is the first couch gag of Season 24. It is based on the Maggie short, The Longest Daycare.


The couch has four cocoons on it, with them hatching into butterfly versions of the Simpson family, except for Maggie. Suddenly, a giant mallet smashes the couch, but they all fly out of the way just in time. It is then revealed that they're actually in the Ayn Rand School for Tots with Maggie and Gerald Samson, and that Gerald was smashing a dollhouse replica of the Simpson house. The rest of the Simpson butterflies fly away and get chased by Gerald through the daycare. They make a run for the exit door, which is slowly closing, but Maggie's pacifier gets thrown in the way of the door, holding it open for them to escape. Maggie waves goodbye to them, and the Simpson butterflies fly off into the sunset.

Character Appearances



  • All of the Simpson butterflies had patterns on their wings that matched their personalities; Homer had donuts, Marge has vacuum cleaners, Bart had slingshots, and Lisa had saxophones.


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