The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy trilogy written by English author, J.R.R. Tolkien. The trilogy inspired many today fantasy books and the Simpsons often reference it.



Image Season Episode number Episode name Description
Hobbit 13 270 "Treehouse of Horror XII" A hobbit that is smoking is seen at the Gypsy's and Leprechaun's wedding.
Cleanie 14 309 "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" Cleanie crawls out of a wagon and puts dirty dishes in a sack, saying "Ahh, my precious!", like Gollum does in the trilogy. Also, Cleanie is voiced by Andy Serkis, who is Gollum's portrayer.
BattleDragon LOTR 18 393 "Rome-Old and Julie-Eh" The battle scene with Bart, Lisa (protecting their Box Fort) and the box salesmen (trying to get boxes back) is a parody of the Hornburg from The The Two Towers and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields from The Return of the King with The Fields of Pelennor playing as background music. One of the A.S.S. delivery men even flies a fell beast like the Nazgûl.
Shadowknight 18 395 "Marge Gamer" Bart's character in Earthland Realms, Shadow Knight, acts similar to the Nazgûl.
Orc The Simpsons Movie An orc is a member of the Springfield Angry Mob.
LOTR Comic Book Guy 19 441 "That '90s Show" Comic Book Guy is seen saying "And that is why The Lord of the Rings can never be filmed" in a flashback to 1990s, although an animated film adaptation was produced in 1978. The trilogy was released as live-action movie series from 2001 to 2003 for the first time.
21 447 "Pranks and Greens" Homer's line to Marge "You found the precious!" is a reference to Gollum.
Living tree 23 495 "Holidays of Future Passed" The Living tree that holds Bart's treehouse looks similar to an Ent.
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