The Man Who Grew Too Much
The Winter of His Content
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Simpsons Family: AH! Sideshow Bob!
Sideshow Bob: Doctor Sideshow Bob.
Homer: Real doctor or Ph.D?
Sideshow Bob: (scornfully with arms crossed) Ph.D...

Ned Flanders: I told you, the only dancing I like is square.
Edna Krabappel: Hey, I let you pay for those boys' skipping lessons.
Ned Flanders: Okay.
(Ned and Edna dance)
Edna Krabappel: Ooh! Ned! Ha!
(Ned then wakes up after daydreaming)
Ned Flanders: (Looks at the picture of Edna) Sure do miss that laugh.
Nelson: Ha, ha! I miss her, too.

(Bob takes a Spear from a Homo Erectus statue. Bart appears with his slingshot)
Bart: Jigs up Bob! Return the spear to the Homo Erectus! (Starts laughing) Homo Erectus! Where has that word been all my life?
Sideshow Bob: Now, Bart, I promised I wouldn't hurt you.
Bart: (to Lisa) You did that for me?
Lisa: More for mom, but yes.

Sideshow Bob: I have DNA in me from Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, better known as Zombie Ant Fungus!! (Bart and Lisa stare at each other)
Bart: And we're scared of that because...
Sideshow Bob: What I am saying is I could be tipped into a murderous rage by the slightest provocation!
Woman: Can you take a picture of me with my family? (gives Bob a cellphone)
Sideshow Bob: Mm-Hmm (takes a picture)
Woman: Oh, can you take another for safety? (takes another picture) Oh, I think my eyes were shut in that one! (Bob grumbles and takes another picture) Now can you take one with my husband's camera?
Sideshow Bob: (screaming) They're all ugly because you're in them!!! (Bart, Lisa and the family runs to escape from Bob's rage)

Marge: (To the teen-abstinance group) If you defeat this madman, I'll release you from your pledge and teach you other fun ways not to get pregnant.
Shauna: I think I might be pregnant already.
Marge: Well, that's one of them.

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