The Man Who Grew Too Much
The Winter of His Content
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Cultural References


  • This episode marks the death of Edna Krapappel, because her voice actor Marcia Wallace passed away on October 25, 2013.
  • Next to a picture of Edna in the final scene of the episode is a picture of Maude Flanders, Ned's first dead wife. Ned's black armband confirms that Edna was killed off in an unknown fashion. In the episode, Ned says that Edna signed him and herself up for tango lessons.
  • The license plate on Marge's car reads "SABF07", which is the production number of this episode.
  • The name of Willie's mop is Ethel.
  • As of this episode both of Ned's wives are now deceased.
  • Pun license plates that Sideshow Bob was printing:
    • CLA$$Y (Classy)
    • L84AD8 (Late for a Date)
    • GR8PL8 (Great Plate)
    • I♥2TXT (I love to Text)
    • DUIDAD (DUI Dad)
    • PUNH8R (Pun Hater)
    • TAKEME (Take me)
    • DONTW8 (Dont Wait)
    • BCAUSE (Because)
    • IMGOIN (Im Going)
    • CRAZEE (Crazy)
    • TOLD U (Told you, printed on his foot)


  • Sideshow Bob about to throw Bart and Lisa over the Springfield Dam, is a possible callback to his brother doing the a similar element.
  • Sideshow Bob's shudder returns in this episode when he is underwater. There is also a rake he steps on it again when he is underwater.
  • When the Simpsons meet Sideshow Bob in his scientist office, his face skin falls meaning that his original face was back on and Walt Warren had his from the events of the episode "The Bob Next Door". 
  • Bart and Lisa asks for Sideshow Bob to sing before they're killed, in reference to an earlier episode.

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