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The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A. is the twenty-first episode of Season 32.


The episode starts in an office with men. The main man calls the men chaps. An old man is called on the phone. In the Retirement home, people watch a black and white film along with Grandpa.

Next, Homer appears with Grandpa. He brings Homer to a closet and get scared by the man. He confirms his name as Terrance. Grandpa calls Terrance a fella. Terrance and Homer go to the bar.

Terrance and the men are told by a story. Terrance confirms he is a spy. Then he shows a clip of a man talking to a Russian spy. The overall guy thinks he is a real spy. The man is behind a shadow.

Moe is asking Terrance and he asks what happens to his dad. Barney sings about an Irish man. The others sing along with him. Terrance cries. Marge and Maggie come in the bar and she kisses Terrance.

After that, someone breaks a furniture in the bar. The alarm goes off and Marge talks with Terrence.

Terrance confirms he is a Russian agent and Homer tells Grandpa is not a spy and talks about the USA.

Homer looks at pictures of Grandpa. Terrance yells at Homer and he thinks Grandpa may not be real.

Homer feels like he is in a movie, then type sounds play. A gun is heard by an English man. Grey Fox appears and comes to a board walk. Willy talks to a Scottish man and calls Willy a red baboon. Homer interacts with the Scottish man, talking about a country. Terrance, Homer and Grandpa go in the fair.

Homer calls Grandpa daddy, and the drunken man is at the Ferris wheel. Terrance makes a deal, eats cotton candy, and the cotton candy are alive. Homer and Grandpa in the car without Terrance.

Homer farts in the car and a lego is hidden. Grandpa talks about Canadians and Americans. Grandpa waits a minute that they want to save each other. Terrance is on the radio while they complain. Marge, Lisa and Bart are somewhere and Terrance is confirmed to have a daughter. She thinks he is retired. Terrance is also confirmed to originate in England. The Period mean appears. WigUm, Marge and......To Be Continued.

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