Faith Off
The Mansion Family
Saddlesore Galactica

Cultural references

  • This episode's name is a play on the Manson Family, the cult led by Charles Manson (who was responsible for the murder of Sharon Tate and others).
  • Britney Spears is dressed as she appeared in her music video for her song "...Baby One More Time".
  • During the awards ceremony, Homer complains, "Why won't anyone give me an award?" When Lisa points out that "You won a Grammy", Homer says, "I mean an award that's worth winning," at which point the screen freezes and a message scrolls across the bottom of the screen that reads, "LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Mr. Simpson's opinions do not reflect those of the producers, who don't consider the Grammy an award at all."
  • Marge mentions Bill Cosby and David Letterman (she incorrectly calls them "Crosby" and "Letterson") as examples of famous comedians who smoke cigars while reprimanding Bart for doing so.
  • When Bart rides down a corridor in the mansion, he says that he is race driver Al Unser, Jr, when Lisa rides down the same corridor on a pony, she says that she is Queen Elizabeth II's sister Princess Margaret, and when Homer rides down the corridor on a riding lawnmower, he is drunk.
  • Homer refers to international waters as "The Land That Law Forgot". This alludes to Edgar Rice Burroughs's famous 1918 science fiction novel, The Land That Time Forgot.
  • The monkey named Furious George is a parody of Curious George.
  • After watching a knife fight between two monkeys, Moe comments, "He ain't pretty no more!" This is Nicholas Colasanto's line in Raging Bull.
  • The Coast Guard officer gets Homer's party going by sounding out the opening guitar riffs to The Doobie Brothers' song "China Grove".
  • The medical painting which Mr. Burns and Smithers pass on the way out of the doctor's office at the Mayo Clinic is "The Gross Clinic", painted by Thomas Eakins. It depicts Dr. Samuel Gross and his students.
  • This is the first time in the series (only second overall) that a character model is actually referred to as the actual person they parody. Drederick Tatum's model is referred to as Mike Tyson. The only other time is in The Simpsons Movie when Rainier Wolfcastle's model is used as President Schwarzenegger.
  • There is a painting of Mr. Burns playing poker with dogs, modeled after the Dogs Playing Poker oil paintings.
  • The painting Homer crashes into after sliding down the balustrade appears to be a Rembrandt self-portrait,



  • When Homer is dancing to the Coast Guard rock song, the buoys indicating the start of international waters disappear.
  • When a boat is in international waters, it comes under the jurisdiction of the country the boat is registered in, and depending on certain crimes committed on the ocean (such as piracy), the boat is under Universal jurisdiction, meaning that the Coast Guard could have legally stopped the pirates.
  • At the award show when Ned stands he is in his tux. When the camera pans to Homer standing like an old man he is in his normal clothes.

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