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"The Marge-ian Chronicles" is the sixteenth episode of Season 27.


Lisa volunteers for a future permanent migration to Mars, much to Marge's chagrin. As she searches for a way to convince Lisa not to go, Marge hits upon the most devious strategy of all, and volunteers to go along for the ride. Will the Simpson girls be mankind's first residents of the Red Planet?

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Homer was using Flanders' leaf blower when it ran out of gas, so Homer chose to complain to him, only to discover that Ned got a chicken coop to get fresh eggs. He also discovered that his neighbor's eggs are much better than the ones consumed by the Simpsons, so Homer joins forces with Bart to steal eggs from him. But Ned discovered their plan and managed to catch them stealing, so Homer chose to create his own chicken coop to get his own eggs.

However, Homer and Bart realized that the stolen eggs taste much better than theirs, so they plan to get rid of their chickens and keep stealing Ned's eggs. The family donates their chickens to Exploration Incorporated, a company that wants to make a Mars colony by the year 2026. After visiting their facilities, Lisa is interested in the project and chooses to sign up, even at the expense of leaving her home forever, but thinking it is her true purpose. The family is highly against Lisa's choice, especially Marge, who can't bear the thought of never seeing her daughter again, even though Lisa says that there will be technology for them to be together even though they aren’t. Marge remains unconvinced and forbids Lisa from joining. After Lisa leaves, Homer reminds Marge that if they forbid their daughter she’ll be more interested and disobey them anyway1, so they decide to pretend they support Lisa, so this way she will lose interest in going to Mars. However, she only becomes more interested, but Homer is not done yet, the whole family signs up on the project to force Lisa to give up. For two weeks the family and many other Cadettes will be living in a Mars type house for experience. After reading one of the handbooks Marge realizes that everything done on a daily basis is just like housework. Lisa refuses to let Marge enjoy this and over the course Marge actually thrives more than Lisa leading to a competition. After all of the tests after two weeks, everyone failed, except for Marge and Lisa. They are impressed at how well Marge handles all the work, Lisa than talks to Marge in private. Lisa knows that this was all to get Lisa to change her mind about going but Marge admits that she does want to go to Mars and makes the assumption that Lisa is jealous but she tells her mom she wants to go to Mars and she doesn’t want her mom to come with her but Marge tells her she is going. That night Marge and Lisa are talking to Homer and Bart separately. Marge is making the assumption that Lisa is being disrespectful but Lisa is assuming that Marge is just mothering her forever. Soon the Mars finalist are selected. However, Paul and Barry, the project's ideologists announced that a rival project is almost in completion, so instead of 2026, the launch would be on Thursday. Most of the participants give up immediately, but Marge and Lisa choose to stay on the project, much to the dismay of Homer and Bart who realize that both of the ladies are just having a stubborn competition.

During the launch, Marge and Lisa reconcile and agree that they do not want to go to Mars anymore, but they make their solution too late as the countdown just started. However, when the countdown reached zero, the rocket didn't move an inch. Paul and Barry reveal that their spaceship was only the outside of a rocket and they only moved up the launch date only to inspire the next generation, and to provide a distraction as they drove away, which failed because their car wouldn't start. At home, Lisa comments to Marge that they almost went to Mars out of sheer stubbornness, to which Marge explains that this is what a mother-daughter relationship is. Lisa replies that surely they can learn this, either on Earth or another planet.

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A fast-forward 35 years into the future (2051) is shown, with Empty-Nest Marge and President Lisa living on Mars, as Lisa mentions that she wants to leave Mars and move to Venus. Back in the present, the episode finishes with Paul and Barry driving away from the fake launching site, planning their future business.

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